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r <br />f <br />.RESOLUTION 2001- 76 <br />RESOLUTION OF THE TOWN OF LOS GATOS <br />AMENDING THE GENERAL PLAN {GP-00-2) AND HILLSIDE 'SPECIFIC PLAN <br />{HS-00-1) TO MODIFY TRAIL LOCATIONS AT 17975 FOSTER ROAD AND TO CHANGE <br />THE DESIGNATION FROM OPEN SPACE TO .HILLSIDE RESIDENTIAL FOR <br />A PORTION OF A PROPERTY AT 1797:5 FOSTER ROAD <br />WHEREAS, this resolution hereby rescinds Resolution No. 2001-71. <br />WHEREAS, pursuant to Government Code Section 65353, the Town Council conducted <br />a public hearing for consideration of amendments to the General Plan and Hillside Specific Plan on <br />June 18, 2001. <br />WHEREAS, during this hearing, the Town Council considered General Plan Amendment <br />GP-00-2 and Hillside Specific Plan Amendment HS-00-1 for the following.: <br />1. To modify the trail locations, and <br />2. To change the land use .designation from Open Space to Hillside Residential for a <br />portion of the property. <br />RESOLVED, the Town Council finds that the proposed General Plan and <br />Hillside Specific Plan amendments are {a) internally consistent with the existing <br />goals and policies of the General Plan and Hillside .Specific Plan and its <br />corresponding elements and (b) that all proceedings have been conducted in <br />compliance with the provisions of Government Code .Section 6.5350 et seq. <br />RESOLVED, that the General Plan and Hillside Specific amendments are <br />contingent upon the County of Santa Clara adopting the proposed amendments to <br />the Hillside .Specific Plan. <br />FURTHER RESOLVED, the Town Council hereby amends the General Plan and <br />Hillside Specific Plan to .modify the trail locations as shown on Exhibit A. <br />