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<br />RESOLUTION.2001- 99 <br />RESOLUTION AUTHORIZING TOWN MANAGER <br />TO EXECUTE AMENDMENT TO CONTRACT <br />WITH MCH GENERAL ENGINEERING CONTRACTORS, INC. <br />FOR ADDITIONAL STORM DRAIN SYSTEM IMPROYElVIENTS <br />ON LYNDON AYENUE <br />WHEREAS, the Town of Los Gatos and MCH General Engineering Contractors, Ina. <br />entered into a construction contract to complete storm drain system .improvements on August 7, <br />2000; and <br />WHEREAS, the Town desires to amend said contract to include additional storm drain <br />system improvements on Lyndon Avenue for an .amount not to exceed .$35,000. <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT .RESOLVED that the Town Manager is authorized and directed <br />to execute said contract amendment attached hereto on behalf of the Town. <br />PASSED and ADOPTED at a regular meeting of the Town Council of the Town of Los Gatos <br />held on the 4t" day of September; 2001 by the following vote.: <br />AYES: Randy Attaway, Sandy Declcer, Steve Glickman <br />Mayor Joe Pirzynski <br />NAYS; None <br />ABSENT: Steven Blanton <br />ABSTAIN: None <br />SIGNED: <br />AYOR O TOWN OF LOS GATOS <br />LOS GATOS, CALIFORNIA <br />ATTEST: <br />~~~ ~ <br />CLERK OF ;1'HE TOWN OF S GATOS <br />LOS GATOS, CALIFORNIA <br />