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V, <br />ORDINANCE NO. 1,j1,-,7 <br />AN ORDINANCE AMENDING ORDINANCE NO. 666 OF THE TOWN <br />OF LOS GATOS ENTITLED "AN ORDINANCE OF THE TO=SIN OF <br />LOS GATOS ADOPTING AN INTERIM ZONING ORDINANCE <br />APPLYING CERTAIN REGULATIONS TO THE USE OF LAND, <br />BUILDINGS AND STRUCTURES, AND TO THE ERECTION, <br />CONSTRUCTION, MOVING, CONVERSION, REMODELING AND <br />ALTERATION OF BUILDINGS AND STRUCTURES WITHIN THAT <br />PORTION OF THE TOWN OF LOS GATOS HEREIN DESCRIBED." <br />THE TOWU COUNCIL OF THE TOWN OF LOS GATOS DOES ORDAIN <br />AS FOLLOWS : <br />;Section 1: That Ordinance No. 666 of the Town of Los <br />Gatos entitled "An Ordinance of the Town of Los Gatos Adopting <br />an Interim Zoning Ordinance Applying Certain Regulations to the <br />Use of Land, Buildings and Structures, and to the Erection, <br />Construction, Moving, Conversion, Remodeling and Alteration of <br />Buildings and Structures Within that Portion of the Town of Los <br />Gatos Herein Described," passed and adopted by the Town Council <br />of the Town of Los Gatos on the 20th day of August, 1962, be, <br />and the same is hereby amended by amending Section 2 thereof to. <br />read as follows <br />Section 2: In the territory described in <br />Section 1 no use of any land, building or other <br />structure shall hereafter be established or <br />conducted and no present use of any land, build- <br />ing or other structure shall hereafter be extended <br />or enlarged and no building or other structure <br />shall hereafter be erected, constructed, moved, <br />converted, remodeled or altered unless and until <br />a permit therefor shall first have been obtained <br />from the Town Planning Commission of the Town of <br />Los Gatos; PROVIDED, HOWEVER, that a single <br />1 <br />