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a <br />L <br />ORDINANCE NO, 655 <br />11 <br />AN ORDII~IAN E OF THE TOWN OF DJ~~ GIYPOS COUNTY. OF !SANTA <br />3.02, OF <br />C fti~e Y9 STATE OF ~i2islt~tLFet~:t1, is A210 DING SEC TO <br />Cii D_K I ANVi+ 1c"J o 3 1i OF SAT TOWN. <br />The Town Council of the Town of Los Gatos does ordain as follows: <br />SE TTON 1 . Sec'sicna.l District No. 3.02.41 of the Zoning <br />Map of the Town of Los Gatos, which said map was adopted as a part <br />Of Ordinance NO . :i l: Osa id `°ot'r n t o get slawith th a$~T aiilei~d%3~31 tS there- <br />94 ' ~ - <br />9 <br />to is hereby changed and a.e. ded by substit IL-,in for Sectional <br />District No. 3.02.41 as shown on said map, as amended, a new <br />Sectional District No. 3.02.43 a map of which said Sectional <br />District is attached hereto and entitled "_mended Sectional District <br />ITO. 3.02.41 of the Zoning Map of the `sewn of Los Gatos." <br />SECTION 2. Sectional District No. 3.02.41 its shy-ern npan <br />the Zoning Map of the Town of Los Gatos as the same, was adopted <br />as a part of Ordinance No. 392, as amended, of said 'down is hereby <br />repealed. <br />SECTION 3. The exterior boundaries of Sectional Dis-t:;ct <br />I?o. 3.02.41 of the Zoning Map of the `S can of yos Gatos are <br />shown on that certain map entitled "Index Map to Sectional District <br />Maps, Zoning Map of the Town of Los Gs.Lo.s," which said Index Map <br />was adopted as a port ion of Ordinance No. 30-2 of said To~vn of Los <br />Catos on the 18th day of December_, 10-6.1' , Loge-her with any <br />amendments which may have thereafter been rude, which said Index Ma.p <br />of Sectional District Maps is referred "Co in Sectiou 3.02 of said <br />Ordinance No. 332. <br />SECT ON 4. This Ordinance shah be published once in Los <br />Gatos Times-Saratoga Observer, a newpaper of general circulation, <br />printed and published in the sown of Los Gatos. <br />