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rx y <br />ORDI.VT,0 CE NO. <br />AN ORDINANCE OF TI-19 T G `W. OF LOS GAT fly PROVIDING FOR THE <br />LICENSING A~~ REGULATION OF PUBLIC DANCE HALLS AND ptTBLI <br />MIMES A PROVIDINIG '_t'rNj.LTIES FOR '111B UI()LATION IMOOF <br />The Token Council of the Town of Los Gatos DO ORDAIN <br />as follows: <br />Section l: A public dance, for the purposes of this <br />ordinance, is hereby declared to be any dance. to which the gener- <br />al public are admitted upon the payment of any fee or charge of <br />admission whatsoever, or for 7-.hich tickets, invitations or other <br />admission devices are sold or offered for sale, or which is <br />given in connection with the sale of food or the provision of <br />other amusement or entertainment for profit. <br />Section 2: A: public dance hall is, for the purposes <br />of this ordinance, declared to be any hall, room or place in <br />which a public dance is held. <br />Section 3: It shall be unlawful for any corporation, <br />association, or person to give or conduct a public dance without <br />first obtaining a license so to do. No license for this pur- <br />-oose shall be issued unless the application therefor is ap- <br />proved by the Chief of Police. <br />Section 4: Fees to be paid for licenses to conduct <br />public dances shall be as follows: <br />Fifteen ($15.00) Dollars per month or Five (05.00) Dollars <br />per day. <br />yo license shall be issued for a longer period than one month. <br />Provided no fee shall be required when the same shall be given or <br />conducted by a religious or benevolent society or association sihen <br />the proceeds thereof are to be devoted to a special religious or <br />benevolent or patriotic purposes and further provided that no fee <br />shall be required kvhen a public dance shall be conducted by the <br />manager or proprietor of a hotel for the exclusive entertainment <br />of the guests thereof. <br />Section 5: It shall be unlawful to give or conduct any <br />public dances unless there shall be in attendance during t whole <br />