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OyRD ~ 4,YN C s' IN O . 231 <br />X ORDMROM" ~_M~IDIi7G urCJ1T I O% 4 4-1 , SIE'CT I ON 6, AS <br />A7 N,IDED, OF O_Rl7IivT.A-T CE 710. 14 <br />-000- <br />The TotTrn Council of the Toy-in of Los Gatos do ordain as follows: <br />Section l: Section 4 of Ordi±ar~ceo No. 14 er~t i fled,n Ordie <br />nance Providing ffo-r the Assessment, Levying, and Collection of <br />Taxes in the Town of Los Gatos,: passed and adopted on the 29th <br />day of February, 1888, is hereby a:niended to read as follows, to <br />wit: <br />"Section 4: The Town Council small meet at t-h?eir usual <br />place of holding meetings on the third Monday <br />year, and sit as a hoard of Equalization; and <br />session from day to day until all the returns <br />have been rectified." <br />Section 2: Section 6 of said Ordinance, <br />hereby amended to read as follows, to wit: <br />of July of each <br />shall continue in <br />of the Assessor <br />as amended, is <br />'Section 6: The Town Council roust, at the first meet- <br />ing of September of each year, fix the rate of town taxes, des- <br />ignating the number of cents on each One Hundred Dollars 0100.00 <br />of property levied for each fund, and crust then levy the town <br />tares upon the taxable property in the town, provided :hat the <br />levy for all purposes, exclusive of the levy for library and bond <br />redemption funds, for any year shah not exceed one hundred <br />cents (100,d) on each One Hundred collars 0100.00) of the assessed <br />value of all real and personal property within the town,O <br />Section 3: This ordinance shall be published once in the <br />Los Gatos :ail yews. <br />I %TRODU(,MD at a regular meeting of the Tov.n Council held <br />on the 19th day of =lay, 1930 and passed and adopted at a regular <br />meeting of the Town Council held on the 2nd day of June, 1930, <br />by Lhe following vote: <br />