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CT. <br />SPECIFICATIONS FOR CEMENT CONCRETE <br />SIDEWALKS, DRIVEWAYS, CURBS AND GUTTERS. <br />TOV`+~l~T OF LO'S GATOS <br />1. GRADING. <br />All sidewalks,.driveways, curbs and gutters shall be laid on a <br />solid foundation. The full width from the property line to the curb <br />line shall be graded for the construction of sidewalks. <br />The surface over which fills are to be made shall first be cleaned <br />of all brush, weeds or other perishable material. All filling shall <br />be done with earth and no material of perishable spongy nature shall <br />be used in filling. Fills shall be made in layers not exceeding twelve <br />(12) inches in depth. Each layer shall be thoroughly dampened and then <br />compacted with heavy iron tampers. When a fill is to be made it shall <br />be bonded to the original surface by plowing or scarifying the original <br />surface to a depth of not less than three (3) inches. <br />When mud or other soft or spongy material is encountered it shall <br />be removed and the space filled with earth which shall be placed in <br />layers and tamped as specified for fills. <br />The roots of trees or stumps shall be removed and taken out to a <br />depth of three (3) feet below sub-grade. <br />2. DI NSIONS. <br />Excepting where otherwise ordered by the Board of Town Trustees <br />the sidewalks shall be five (5) feet in width, located as shovfix3 on the <br />plans, said pavement to be constructed so as to have a uniform slope <br />of one (1) inch in three (3) feet from the top of curb to the street <br />lines. The completed sidewalks shall be of cement concrete three and <br />three-fourths (3 3/411) inches in thickness. <br />All driveways shall consist of cement concrete six (6) inches in <br />thickness. <br />All curbs shall be of cement concrete six (611) inches wide at the <br />top, nine (9") inches wide at the bottom and fifteen (1511) inches deep <br />1. <br />