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r <br />K <br />p1jec.tion ~reCis2ot.. %wo. l°3 shall be at the Twvvn Ha' 1 on Bast <br />Ma-in Street in the said Toil, of Los Gatos. <br />Section 3. The election officers to c.Qxlduct said <br />.4_.reci n..dt <br />special election in 118peeia1 Blect_ on :?ct -o. ls; , and who <br />are hereby appointed for that pur-,)ose, are as follows, to -wit: <br />JUDGE <br />Section 4. A sufficient nun"ber of ballots shall <br />be and are hereby- directed to be prey.~ared and caused to be <br />printed by the Clerk of said loran , and shall be fur'ylished and <br />provided for the use of the voters at said special election. <br />at the expense of said Tovrn, said ballots to have the f olloa <br />ing :matter printed thereon in addition to any other natter <br />wl-Lich may be required by lair, to ;nit: <br />"Instruction to voters." <br />uTo vote stamp a cross (X) in the voting square <br />11'7 11 <br />111 ?,lark s e xc ep t <br />after the word "Yes" or aftr the word ..o <br />the cross M are forbidden. ill distinguishing -,:arks or <br />erasure:. -are forbidden and ma -e the ballot void. If you <br />Iarrongfully st-oLup or deface ;,his ballot, return it to the in- <br />spectator of the election and obtain raotiler.' <br />"Viunicipal ticket. Los Gatos 11unicii al Special <br />Blec' ion." <br />A Special Election sublaitting to file ,ual <br />voter5 of the 1 illed <br />propositions to- <br />rrsO:~rY~ of Los Gatos t OS t'-,,IS fo~_O,,I1g <br />rr it <br />`'S'rlall the i'..alm of Los Gatos incur a bonded inde'ot <br />~ ' $30 000a) Dollars in Gold Coi,,l of the <br />r!ess off' 'ihirt;r ed- <br />T a~lousal~.~l <br />rerica for obJSct a,id y)ur-! ose of p&ying the <br />'tee' Stay es of I'i:. tv <br />l3 11 <br />cost of the acquisition, oonstruc-ion and co_pl.tion of fire <br />- 2 <br />