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ORDINANCE 110._Jj~~ <br />The Boa d of Trustees of the Town of Los Gatos o ordain <br />as folio s <br />Sa c. 1. It sahall b unlawful for any person, firms or cor- <br />poration to transact, engage ins or carry on any business, occupation <br />'employment within the Town of Los Gatos$ hereinafter specif'ie ~ <br />-or without first obtaining froya the Fawn Marshall a license, and pay <br />therefor the t+ mentioned in this ordinance hereinafter sets <br />form. <br />See.. 2. All persons, fires or corporations having a. Nixed <br />pace of business in said Town and transeactang and conducting thereat <br />the business of dealing in goods arses or merchandise shall pay a <br />licenser in accordance with the provisions of Section Three. Nothing <br />an Section Three sha-11 be ccnstruied to apply tru any of the businesses <br />in other sections of +,riis ordinance licensed specifically, but the <br />license of anT business in any other section specifically ens aerate <br />and licensed shall be governed by ° provisions of the section so <br />licensing tap, r nie t. <br />Sec. 3.. Licenses of than first class hall consist of all <br />persons or firms who are estimated to e,,ke, avert e jianthil~y Bajes or <br />hire to 'tie amoun <br />t of 3ive Thousand <br />0:5,000 OO <br />Dollars and shall pay <br />a license-of Two <br />(42-00) 1 collar per <br />month. <br />Licenses o the second class, shall. consist of all <br />persons or firms who are estimated to rake average onth l- sales or <br />hire to the amount oj-" Two ThouNand Five Hundred ($2,500.00) Ollars <br />and less than Five Thousand U5$000 00) :dollar shall 'ay a livense <br />of one ollar and 50/100 (®'1.50) per xn7„ <br />I® <br />