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_ RIB "j <br />N ORDINANCE PROVIDIN YO E INCURRING F THE <br />BONDED INDEBTEDNESS FOR R THE TGWN OF S G.AT s 5, <br />1 E COUNTY SANTA C ~R - STATE F A11FORNIA9 <br />TEE SUU O TWELVE 0 a T,D (612.000) LLARSs IN GOLD <br />COIN RE UNITED ST °T'I O AMERICA, ICA, TO Y `H COST <br />OF IAIX MUNICIPAL IMPROVEMENTS Y OR SAID T t AND <br />PROVIDI O F R THE I UA F BOND FOR SAID TO `IL' <br />v VH t the inc ring of a banded indebtedness of and <br />% by the Town of Los Gatos i Qe n of Welve Thousand C$12,000) <br />hares Gold Coin of the United States o Aperica, to y the cost <br />..p *ertain Municipal Improvements for said, Town, to-wit: T <br />a , si tign, construction and completion of a main trunk line sewer <br />f6r the purpose o carrying off and disposing o the sewage from <br />the Memorial Paxk Grammer School and adjacent property, and of an <br />outlet seer along the west side of the Los Gatos reek t the <br />present sewage disposal plant of yid Town for the purpose of <br />carrying ofd' the sego of the east side of said Town, and of s Yea <br />sewers from the west side o said Town as may be connected wi ti I t i, <br />and <br />the <br />acquisition <br />of <br />nec ssapy rights <br />of ay <br />for said <br />sewers as <br />was <br />duly authorized <br />at <br />an election duly <br />called <br />and held <br />or that <br />purpose `inn said Town on the 18th Q7 of September, 1922. <br />NOW, TH'OREF RE, the Board of Trustees the T <br />Leas Gatos do ordain a follows: <br />SECTION 1. That said Town of Los Gatos issue its negotiable bonds, <br />tle same t be twenty-four (241 i number an each o which shall b <br />of the s or denomination of Five Hundred. (8500400) Dollars, and <br />(A <br />shall be numbered consecutively. from one to t a ty-feau (24) both <br />inciu 7 , and all of . s d b6 n sal bear intsre t from them <br />issuance until paid at t? rate of five(j) percent per Anum, <br />payable semi-annually, both principal an, interest of said bonda <br />being pAyabl in old Coin of the hit s. States of America in the <br />manner full n, that is to SAY-i- <br />