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AY ORDII+i ~;CT CALLING 1'? 6YECI°L ELECTION Ii? 1`Ns 11P0:111 Or LOS <br />G TOS FO-1-1 ?LH~ PUi-LPOSE OF SUILIITTIDTG TO IRE EL.U LIFIfi_.D VOTERS <br />OF & _ID Tv YV A I' tOPOSIIIUI< To itl' J'I3 ? bi dJYT) IrMLB' LDidESS <br />TO PAY TIM „OST OIi' CERTaIIe' x PUBLIC <br />S4ID I'Ol'otd, TN'' ;OST Ox' TiHICfI 'jVILL BE TOO GREAT TO B:,.+ SAID <br />OUT Ol' ` KT OrZD`lrrrli2y AlJivu 3L !RE\F <br />OF SAID `i OWIT. <br />The board of Trustees of the Town of Los Gatos do ordain <br />as follows: <br />SEIC.TZt}N- I. special election is hereby called for, and shall be <br />?field in the 'loan of Los Gatos, in the County of vanta Clara, State <br />of California, on 11onday, the 18th day of September, 1922, to sub- <br />mit, and at which said special election shall be submitted, to the <br />qualified voters of the said Town of Los Gatos the following Oro- <br />position to incur a bonded indebtedness of and by said ','.own, to-wit: <br />(1) The proposition to incur a bonded indebtedness of <br />,We ve Thousand Dollars ($12,000.00) in gold coin or the united <br />Lates of America i`or the object and purpose of paying the Gost <br />of the acquisition; construction and coLpletion of a main trunk <br />line sewer i`or the purpose of carrying off and disposing of the <br />sewage from the `enaorial _'ark, Grammer School and adjacent prof er- <br />ty, and of an outlet sewer along the west •,side of the. LOS Gatos <br />Creek to the present sewage disposal plant of said `i'olnTn for the <br />purpose of carrying off the sewage of the east side of said Town <br />and of such sewers from, the west side of said `i ov n as may be con- <br />riected with it, and the acquisition of necessary rights of wa.y for <br />said sewers. <br />Twelve Th Ord Dollars (12,000.00, its gold coin o{' 'e Lnited <br />,:hates of America i.. ~ e object and t)urpose 6.f .:;aying the cost <br />of the acquisition,. construction and nrip.letion of a main trunk <br />line sewer i or the purpose_ " carrying f and disposing of the <br />sewage from the Me f•ial Park, Grammer Soho a? a.n adjacent proper- <br />ty, and o, an outlet sewer along the west side of the L s Gatos <br />-1- <br />