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i <br />It <br />1 n oarcl ofT rush the. <br />Tow Los Gatos do, chin as <br />fo11o <br />1 S'8 4s :rk~9 q~ ° a n . <br />I: he sal ry, q;f e <br />11~ <br />l~rs and ex of M1 Tax Col <br />c# 6~.the To <br />fiP#s Gatos <br />hall the .sum of C)ueIiih= <br />red 611ars ($1'00) per month. <br />t ` Se 1140h, .1 1, The salary of the <br />a5tre } kSu eri <br />P foie"tit . of t1~e <br />Tow Of Los pos shall :be the <br />stxm cf` Une u'rzdred Dollars' <br />($1 per month t <br />Se 6,n III. The salaryN of''the <br />* <br />?ea1 la Nurse of the.Town of Los. <br />Gatos <br />fall be the sum of Fifty <br />Ijoll x.($50) ` W.1116 th <br />,P I <br />Se bn IV '!,'he e salary"tiff,-.the <br />Recr of,, <br />the Towrz of <br />,dos <br />;Gatshall be the.aum of T.em <br />Do1lizs ($10) per month. <br />veer .f the Tvvn 'af' Los Gatos. <br />shall TOPeive as coxOp,.ensation, for. <br />all 'services rendered by Min the <br />tim of Seven and 50-100 Dollars <br />($7.50) for each day actually <br />spent .'by him _;upon the Town'.s_ <br />bixsineSs as such Surveyor. <br />Section; VJ This ordpance <br />shall be published once in the Lo; <br />Gatos Wail News. <br />PASSED AND ADOPTED at <br />a regular meeting of the $oard of <br />Trustees of the Town of Los <br />Gatos held <~this '16th day bf May. <br />1921• by the following vote: <br />AYES : Trustees <br />Crider, A. L, Ericlcso Walter <br />Mabie, C. 'A" Gertridg•e, D. <br />NOES <br />Trustees : None: <br />ABSENT- Trustee L: H. <br />worth. <br />President C' W. Gertridge <br />of the Board <br />Trustees of of the Town f I <br />Los Gato o <br />s I <br />;Attest: Donna M. <br />TJV n Clerk of 'Winning <br />t 'boa Gatos the Town of <br />7 <br />J. <br />e4~4~ ff r ~ s~ + ~ as ! rc~.~ <br />