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~J 4 /,go <br />AN ORDINANCE PROBIBI TING WITHIN CORPORATE <br />LIMITS O:k.' UIE TOWN OF LOS GATES S UM :A; U 'AC TURE a <br />POSSESSION, ANSPORTATION$ SAIS, GIFT OR <br />FUR%I91ING OF LIQUID M AN ALC(Yh-O aIC CUNM T <br />IN 9TY OTrIER IWANER OR TO ANY GREATER M T <br />MAN I S PET'MI TTED By THE LAWS OF THE <br />Uri I TEM STATES OF Ak I CA <br />*****000***** <br />Me Board of Trustees of the tali of Los Gatos do ordain as <br />follows: <br />Section 1® It shall be and is hereby made m laruf ul for any <br />person to mariufacture, have in his possession, sell, give, i:.umaish, or <br />transport within the corlorate li1.its Of the torn of Los Gatos arty li- <br />quid having p, alcoholic ecntent in and other mariner cr to any greater <br />extent than is permi -ted by the laws of the United, States of America, the <br />intent of this Ordinance being to make it an offense against ordinances <br />o the t€ van. of Los Gatos to cVl?mit any act <br />is or may hereafter become an offense un del <br />of America. <br />Section 2. Any person violating <br />nance shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and <br />or make any omission which <br />the la's o the Uni to d States <br />any provision of tlii s Or di <br />c <br />a?p`n conviction thereof shall <br />be punished by a fine of not to eXceed Mree Hl-mcxed Do-Llars (000), or <br />by imprisonment not; exceeding three months, or 'h y. both such fine arid im- <br />pri. sonmen t, and any judgment iml:o sins° a fine under the provision of this <br />Ordinance shall also provide that in default of fne pay4en t of sai d f ine <br />-tie defendant be imprisoned until such fine be satisfied at the rate of <br />one day's imprisonment for each 42.00 of the fine. <br />Section 3, A-.l Ordinances and parts of Ordinances in conflict <br />herewi tc are hereby repealed. <br />