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Section. VIII. The Street Sul) erinten dent of the `.Loud Of Los Gatos <br />is here'IT:" directed to place cons-picuou.ely on each of said h.igh- <br />,vm s, at the b urdcr lines of eam of said "clusely- built u <br />di s t r i c ts, si 21 s, w1ni ch s gall e i .I&cad on tn e r:igg ht h aY? d of each <br />of such 3?i 1"rG zJ S, toward SLlcii di StrJ- on U i71Ie of such <br />1i141a' , and shall be of suffi cien t size to be easily" readable <br />by a -'ei:son using the hi6n'¢ay ; btarin- the words and figures <br />1120 ,riles speed <br />Vd.C11..cif words arld fioureS shall be $;r intS: <br />in elite letters on a red bachgrvmd, and such si~~lls shall also <br />be c1lcr.,.z red on the oa ti_ tn„r„of, and sh.a3-I be t1r=t:,n21-ular in <br />shape, apex u va ard, the sides thereof being of equal len c-th, d <br />tl less `ttlan ttTen tom-flur i~` {.'heS 7 length. <br />Section IX. 5-,-l ',t this ord'nam ce shall be 1)ublished once in the <br />"Ijo s Gatos .l ail News." <br />PASSED AND OPMED at a rev~~la.~ mee tin .-T, of the Board of <br />Trustees of the TvcUn of Los Gatos, held on the 7t1 day" vi Februarv, <br />1921, . b ; the vote: <br />41kves" Trustees <br />-P~~ ~ <br />/VZ <br />a <br />"Tvoes" Trustees <br />Absent Trustees <br />Attest <br />TOI CLEF:: OF LOS GAT O S <br />F-E SI I~MI-7-C F CARD OF TRUS T~ S <br />OF TOW OF LOS GATG S <br />2 <br />