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f'9 7 <br />A, ORDINANCE OF THE Tv.iziQ OF LOS GTOS ADOPTTL\Y. <br />REG-v ATIini\TS FOR THE REGtT1 AT TON OF <br />S NIT T A-E dIATT:EERS ,,VI THIIIv T FL : SAID TO Fi . <br />The Board of Trustees of the Town of Los Gatos, <br />do ordain as f of l O`r7S <br />SECTTO~; ORJE© That the Board of Trustees of the Toa of Los <br />Gatos adopt, and it does hereby adopt for the regulation of <br />UlatiOnB <br />"as Titar2i natters within the Town of Los Gat OS, reg <br />filed with the Clerk of he said Town of Los Gatos or, the <br />4th day of October, 1920, and entitled: <br />lm ca REG7JLATIONS OF TF ^1OWId OF LOS GATOS FOE, THE CONTROL <br />OF I NSIUE:CIZ H t " <br />2 a ~r PyG iMATI CqS Coy, CE"Ri IFG G0i1R1FJNI CABLE BiSEASES a sa <br />3m SCHOOL 9G-mrATIOIIS FOR COIt~JJIC-BLE DISEASES." <br />Se.CTIOITJWO< A-ny pe"!'son, firm or corporate on v! olating any <br />of the provisions of said regulations, shall be deemed guilty <br />of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction thereof, punished by <br />fine not to exceed One Hundred ($100.00) Dollars, or by iu® <br />orisonment in the County Jail not to exceed thirty (30) days <br />or by both said fine and impraison?ient. <br />S-CTIO'-KT. TH~® This ordinance shall. be published once in the <br />Los Gatos '-NTec,s <br />Pass=ed and ado`uted by the regular -meeting of the <br />Boated of Trustees held on this 18th day of October, 1920 <br />}by the follOlv3t1~ tOU <br /> <br />AYES Trustees <br />0 <br />A <br />