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I . or of ary inhabited dwelling. <br />2 Section S® It shall be mlaG7ful for any <br />3 ?Jerson. afflicted with tube oulosies or any s they conta,gio-as <br />or i>seotio.: disease. to enter for care or t-reai.ment, or <br />5 U become an J. inmate of anjP Y1oo-s-oi'ual, saz'miuwr iFk , sand.or- <br />imina; or other i?cae -maintained for the care or trea,tilent <br />of 1persons s'. fferi-ng from tuberculosis. or arLv other con <br />'a <br />S ual- us d 'v' t^ 'i r, x :ifec tiou~ disease, or at Which p„rso1s so'' <br />-ne <br />afflicted are cased for, ui G.e,e~ a or rpail-it--.-uned where such <br />to <br />noS7Ji tai.,, sanitari',Ml, S Ys? acLV EJ A~ or d?'i,he iDla e. is with-4111 <br />it /0 CFO feet of ark;r school h"use, or the grwwide of <br />12 - <br />15hi ch, or any part of the land upon which the same is located <br />13 <br />shall be with-i-11 --f 0,9 feet of ary seho®l house or in- <br />1.4 <br />ha-bited dwe1..3.s.a7g. <br />15 <br />Section 4. Amy lrerson, association, or dor- <br />16 <br />-para,tion who s.ahl violate anyof the provisions of t11-15 <br />17 <br />ord.11iac e 5:4a be guilty of a ..7Geii°a,no o w-d2 t1ponI con- <br />18 _ <br />vmction thereof, shat be punifshed by a fine not exceeding <br />19 <br />three hundred dollars, o by imprisonment _ir-_ the C{Si.nty jail <br />20 <br />not exceeding three months, or by both such fine --nd im- <br />21 <br />~r~:~ox!ii~en t® <br />22 <br />23 Sect-ion 5® This ordinance shall be publisher <br />24 once in the dos Gams Maid News, a :!Veeki.- newslaper published <br />25 in the Town of Los Gatos, <br />26 Passed and adopted as and for an ordinance of <br />27 said Town. of Loo Gatos at a regular meeting of the B-3z-:zd of <br />as <br />28 Trustees thereof at a regular meeting held on the L-9 d~ of <br />29 J,,2ya 11920, by the fo3'low:Lng vote., <br />30 .A *ese _r,zstee~o (1v ~ r ~ ~g ~ /CZ, <br />FRY® & JENKINS <br />SAN JOSE. CAL. <br />