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Ordinance Woo er <br />AIT <br />--q-rH x+^91 <br />i m THE "9 T T ! 't1''\~'e~ :.e.1 I''' i:E TIME <br />F <br />oS'ITALS, <br />SIL ~`ARIUMS, <br />SAIT/ if ;.UHS. TD iisER PILL, ES <br />2 <br />WOR- TIM" CARE ~ <br />TRPi,y~~~~. ITT. <br />OF C~►''A IOUS ®R MFECTTOUS DIS ,~S, <br />3 <br />4 <br />5 The Board of Trustees of the :'o%m of Los G•a.tos <br />6 do ordain as folloviss <br />7 Sect ~.on 1 s it shall be un.".awful for axVy <br />perso a assocl tiona or cbrporation, public or private, vzhether <br />9 as ov ner, contractor, agent, mana-qr, superintendent, or <br />10 officer, to erects 3 tablisb, maintain, carr°,j' on, or operate <br />11 Yi h he Town. of Los Gatos, Coun V r of Santa Clax , State <br />12 f Ca? ifornia, ary hospital, sa,nitarv=, somatori or other <br />13 place . for the care or treatment of 1eIsons suf- er ing from. <br />1.4 -ry(~~ p9 v ty-p~,7 or ~fi'yy s ,c 14~~ yB <br />V i.~b~A '.d •L1+6o !`.R .1 s or ra other ^d 1616Ldt~d'id V.V `ld da ~$ir WO 1C fad LL b.S 46_'i ® o <br />Y <br />15 tea. vv-hieb P- sons so afflicMe:..,. are cared for, tsew~e~. or <br />16 mairltain'e d, or are to be cared for, treated., or ma- nat.ined, <br />17 without first ®b'%tv_i..inP_- the ijermission of the Board of Trustees <br />18 of the said Town of Los Gatos.' <br />9 Section s7 t 1'%' s1ha' l be ~2al-awgm 4,tl for sl.ny- pe F1'o <br />20 afflicted with tuberculosis or w,,V other conta,g- ous or infects ious <br />21 disease to enter for care or treatMena any hcscltal, sanitar- <br />22 i, ~ sanatory erns or other ,lace mentioned Jn Section One of <br />23 this ordinance` or to become an nmaae therein, unless pex <br />24 arasslan to erect, inj-e.4n, or carry on the same has been <br />25 `0revious:Ly anted brr the Hoare of Trustees of sad Town of <br />26 - <br />Los Gatos. <br />27 <br />Sect.-Ion 3. <br />azU <br />person, associa jo.,., or cor- <br />28 <br />~Poration who shall V-10late <br />any <br />of the ro vrisio. s of this <br />29 <br />y9 ~n d <br />ordinance shall be v"~,7"dltrT <br />oi a <br />,q FF~~ <br />misalemea or and i.tyo, 've9nvic for <br />30 <br /> <br />the 'eof shall be hed <br />by a <br />fine not three h-Lmdred <br />dollars; or V im-Pr6sobiment in the Co-mt uad-1.1 not exceeding <br />FRYE & JENKINS ~ <br />SAN JOSE. CAL. <br />