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I1a.~i~v~ ;Lem / <br />rte, ordinawnce fixin the oca-!-ensation of certain offiyeas <br />2 <br />and e=_lovees of the 'Tow'-n-, of Los Gatos.. <br />The Board of Trustees of the To- n of Los Gatos, do <br />4 <br />5 ordain ,.•.s fc °c vi,S~ <br />Seeti on 1. <br />SSessor <br />7 The salary of the Glerk, and ex officio ` '`--r of <br />the Tov~n of Los Gatos shall b? the sum of seventy-five (0•75600) <br />9 dollars der month, gprovided that this shy;,Il not a~~ix sy <br />10 to V_d d Clerk- d r in: present- term Of, Of'- ice* <br />Section <br />anzd exoHlco 7-ax Collec'o~r. <br />12 The sL..lary of the hla..rshall of the Town of :cos Gatos <br />sh 'l be the sum of sevent- -five l :7~< OG~ dog i .rs er lno'nth. <br />13 <br />Section 39 <br />14 <br />The saa.a.ry of the Street Shyer-n-1enda,rit of the Town of <br />Los Gatos snug be the sura of n41 net-%, 090.40 doi! ars per month. <br />16 <br />Section 4. <br />17 <br />T__e sa:iexy of the J_~ht 'Watch-man of the Town of Los Gatos <br />shall be the sum of sixty=five Ut 65e 04) dollar_ Per month.. <br />19 20 Section 5. <br />21 The town nttorney of the Town of Los (a.tos sh:;Il receive <br />T ^ <br />22 as his CuTlCensation the sum v. t's`9eYit~ mfi ve 0~ 0 vgl rs per <br />23 M0nth for at ten:iing -e eta nzs of the Board D, T itti St°8 g and Z;ivi ng <br />24 advise thereat, a.nd shut raceive _n aiditfon thereto, -for L-Ll'l <br />25 suits pros°cuted'or deI°nded b5' him, by and on behalf of said <br />Lawn, and for his serra:;?s in connection with bond issues of <br />26 <br />2 said tv an, re,, or -~'7~8 cLjount to be a..i.~.C~."ied in ~CTil~7 wn to sr A? d <br />28 months;- p6,y~ <br />29 Sect~cn 6. <br />30 T:' is or din <,nce shall be -publi shed once i n the Los Gatos <br />FRY & .AEI KINS <br />SAN JOSE; CAL. <br />