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ORDIH SCE NO er <br />AT? ORL.AaY??'CE PROVIDING FOR `~.'B'E BE;';GVL OF =72DS, etc.2 BY <br />PROs ERTY OTaIERS, ILYD THE ASSESSING OF THE COST THEREOF. <br />The Board of Trustees of the Town of Los <br />Ga EJ o s~• 'yi . " A;. 'CS o l 1 mv.s. <br />Sect-ion l: An-,y- and all grass or :needs growing <br />o-r <br />upon any oidevwalk, parking or streetnsl~a3l be removed <br />by the abutt n property o+l :Ler, each Trope -t ovmer being <br />required to r move such grass and 7i'Ue:ds f or i front of <br />his Property to the riddle of the street or ot~s`upon <br />which it abutts. <br />Sec lion S: The fl+7ne°' of aon lot, piece o., parcel <br />of land in the Tot :n: of Los Gatos shall rerove th°ref i o~^_ <br />any and all grass, ?needs, rubbish or other mnaterial FrowinE., <br />sta,nding or situate thereon ~''i.'ich nay endanger or injure <br />r n?~t `'_~bori 'g -or-certy o- the health or welfare of the recident3 <br />of the vicinity, ;end all such weeds, grass, rubbish or other <br />material rfl growing, stand :gig or situate are hereby declared <br />-Public <br />to be aAnusi ance. <br />Section 3: All p;rass and :'needs mentioned iz^ <br />Section One hereof shall be removed by the property flmrier <br />not later than the .LVth <br />shall be removed during <br />and completed on or bef~ <br />each year thereafter. <br />day of July, I919, and thereafter <br />the ro,''ths of. <br />are the ist dad of of <br />l'f any such o'- er f &~ilstoo <br />said ,xeeds or grass bef are the 10th day of July, -101Q , and <br />be-fore the 2nd day of o each year thereafter, it <br />l 1, be the duty o:_ ~.:n.o ritendenit of Streets 11*o _„rove <br />s:..La _ <br />;ham and b~ ~sU tip s made e <br />u..l",% OC~yl...vma :.Li.. `_i,. 'l./' L M1Ve=n : 1.11 the .-ha,-1-,-e V _ill:u'.A✓ 4~ ePor and <br />7 <br />