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0P=1Z iM E X04 i <br />AIT ORDI ML E REQUIRING THE WFARING OF AZ I °-I _3gFLJE ,N7ZA <br />MASKS IN THE TOWN OF LOS GAT C AND PRESCRIBING EEAALTY <br />E;3R MIE VIOLATION THEREOF, <br />BE IT ORDAINED by t _~e Board of Trustees of the <br />T o vn. of Los Gatos <br />Section l.a D,ing the period of twn e ej)idemic <br />of I of lue nza, vk-. i ch i s now Tx e val.ert in th e Town o f Lo s <br />Gatosa which, for the purpose of this Ordinance shall be <br />deemed to exist until, proclamation, provided for in <br />Section 2 of this nrdina.nce, shall have been issued, --very <br />person appearing + <br />r do any assemblage of persons, or in any place <br />O where two or more persons are cono egaged, except in <br />homes where only -;~ic" members of the family are present, <br />and every person engaged in the sale, hard ling or di s® <br />trribut ion of foodstuffs or wearing apparel., s'ral3a. wear a <br />mask or c ov eri ng , =v- e em~ 81 , over the <br />rise, and mouth, consisting of not less than fdli±®ply, and <br />preferable six ply material known as butter cloth or o f <br />fire mesh gause, at the corners of which are attached tape <br />or other fastening, so that the mask or covering can be <br />made to effectively cover t he nose andmouth, sai d mask to o <br />be riot less th an five inches in width and seven finches in <br />*tian 2. Vlh$n the Health Officer .all <br />determine that the said need for the ►sk has ceased to <br />s3 said Health Office: sha."I <br />exist in the Town of Los Pet. <br />issue a proclamation to the people of the Town of bras. Gatos <br />proclaiming the fact that the Health Officer has determined <br />14 <br />