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` <br />ORDIH CE NO. <br />.A.YORDINANCE YLKING ' IT ' M.t AWTUL TV P-c ' T A <br />?FOR Td ' REP MET IN -A POOL ROOD OR BILLIAMM <br />HALL, AND PROVIDING FOR TM 3'Y70CATION.1 OF THE <br />LICENSE OF ANY POOL' P.OOM PROPRII TOR MO PEMUTS <br />A MISTO R TO RF ULIT THERE. <br />TIM BO ARRD OF TRH ST F,ES OF TT E TOWN OF LOS G.A O S <br />DO ORDAIN AS FOLLOWS e <br />SECTION 1: It shah be unlawful for any remson, <br />firm or corporation corductIng orassisting in conducting, <br />either as principal, agent, e loyee or otherwise, a pool <br />rocm or billiard hall in the Town of Los Gatos to remit <br />an person under the age of twenty-erne years to remain <br />in any s d,, pool room or bi.!w?ard hala an said ovv of Los <br />Gatos for any period of time whatsoever. <br />S?;<CT IOZ 2a The Board of Trust des of the Town of <br />Los Gatos may, after a hearing duly had, revoke the yicense <br />of any person, firm or corporation to Whom a license has <br />'een issued to conduct a -ool "oom, or billiard parlor, <br />under the provisions of Ordinance No. 141 of th e Tom of <br />Los Gatos, entitled, "An Ordinance iaposing Municipal <br />Licenses in the Tom of Los Gatos; and pro vid_ng for the <br />et~3.lection of the same, and Prescribing Penalties for the <br />Violation thereof, as passed and adopted by sa? Bo:-a- -d of <br />Trustees of the Tovn of Los Gatos on the 6th day of December, <br />1909, and amendments th veto. upon proof to the sati ea action <br />of said Board that any of the provisions of Section One of <br />this 0--divan ce have been violated, or that ar- person under <br />the age of twenty-one years has been permitted by the pro- <br />prietor, or any of his agents or employees, to remain in any. <br />1 <br />