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5- <br />ORDINANCE NO f <br />M ORDINANCE REPEALING ORD 11TANCE NO. 158 <br />OF TFR TOE` OF LOS GA.TOS. <br />THE BOARD OF TRUSTEE'S. OF THE TOWN OF LOS <br />GA.TOS DO ORDAIN AS FODI.OWS*- <br />SECT ION ONE : That Ordinance No. 158 of <br />the Town of Los Gatos entitled, "An-Ordinance Regulating <br />the Operation of Steam Railroads, Electric Railroads, all <br />Motor Vekiivles, Teams, Wagon, and. Cars or Carriages of <br />all kinds , and the Prohibiting of Unnecessary Noises in <br />the Town of Dos Gates, California", passed and adopted <br />by the Board of Trustees of said Torn on the 2nd day of <br />June, 1913s be, and the same is hereby repealed, <br />SECTION TWO: This Ordinance shall be printed <br />and posted in at least three public places in the Town of <br />Los Gatos. <br />PASSED .AND ADOPTER as as Ordinance of the Town <br />of Los Gatos at a regular meeting of the Board of Trustees <br />of said Tov#m this 16th d?.y of March $ 1917Q <br />AYES: Trustees <br />NOES: Trustees <br />ABSENT: Trustees tom,_` <br />E <br />OF LOS GATOS. <br />AT TEST <br />OF LOS GATOS. <br />