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- RDIIA LTV liE NO -149 <br />. <br />An ordinance requiring the numbering of houses in Los Gatos, <br />and providing a penalty for violation thereof. <br />The Board of `Trustees of the Town of'Los Gatos do ordain as <br />follows. <br />SECTION 1, <br />every person, firm or corporation owning; any building, or the <br />agent thereof';,, must within four weehs after the adopti.on_ of this <br />ordinance.,, place, or, cause to be Placed, on or over the,aoe9r or <br />gate used as an entraance to such buildini,,, or acl;jacant 'be witch <br />door ol, gate so ar to be readily seers from the, struotthe approp r~ate <br />number of ouch building, as herein sp'ecif~ied4 <br />Entorftncee to be numbered.- <br />Section 2,... <br />:ill entrances -cram. streets to bl,iildi'ngs, or to seParaic' apartnents_( <br />In buildings, shah, bo numb rod, and it ;shall be unl,4wful-for any <br />person whether ouner or occui)a.nt of the bni:iding .3 ol~= any apartment <br />therein, to place, maintain o allow to reT,ia _r illerpon any. 4umb6r <br />other than the one required by this 'Ordinance. Tho "'nii'inb', er, -placed <br />upon any entrance <br />gha7.1 be of a clY rCerent color :I;rom ~thE.` back,ground <br />upon which it is placed, aad each fit_'ure of such' ilurnbor 'shall b:e at <br />least two inches it height and of proportionate width. <br />All numbers must be made of sub-tantial and pormailent material r <br />and must be so placed or affi-xe:d as not to be ea,si L,?,,effa,cec) or <br />removed. r <br />Method of N`imbering,; <br />Section o <br />The Los Gatos- oreck t,-0.1 l>o the 91,arti3tg poi-n; for tho numbers <br />of 411 btzi1d9.n,s, on the ctrooL[1 beginning there.L an,d <br />running East and Wea~to That Mairt S roet, Johrl8on Avoarue a.nd. <br />Ponnsylvan a Avenue be the starting point for tha numbers of all <br />1)uildinga f=ronting on the streets thor.°air and running NQl311 and South. <br />That Main Street be numbered East and West from the Bridge <br />and Santa Cruz Avenue be numberedNorth and South from Ntain Street. <br />Section " <br />On all streets the numl)jrs on the right hand side„ starting from <br />the point of D)eginningx sha.l t,tbe;oven numbers, and the numbers on <br />the left hand side shall belbdd numbers. <br />Section 5. <br />One hundred numbers, or as many thereon' as may be necessary, U. <br />shall be alloted to the property frontage in each block botween wo <br />main streets, the number :1W being the first number on. the hand <br />side, _,2.nd the number § l being the first nal-0-)o , oil Lli(-, left hand <br />.silo of the second blocX of all street.,- The suc'`ce;ooind hundred-s. <br />ohall. be a1 i.ot i;ecl in" im lar l,iaanor coil go cu tively to oach `succeeding <br />block. When any street ail,b in its coarse to traverse certain <br />blocks one hundred numbers; shall be allotLod to each block not <br />transversod,, in the game manner' as if the s Lrec-L wero co,ntinuous`-, <br />When any street is intersected on its on-posite silo 1)37 diffe'hen~1:-': <br />streets, the hundreds on one side shall be made to correspond as <br />olosely as possible to the hundreds on the oppos~te.side by allotting <br />only twentyfive numbers even or odd. as the case may roq lire, to .the <br />side on which the blocks aro shorter. One number shol7L be allowded <br />for each 25 feet of the frontage of each block,, between two, main <br />street:s. <br />