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Ordinance No, 19:5, <br />An Ordinance making regulations concerning the construction <br />of Theaters, opera houses, concert halls , or other buildings intend- <br />ed to be used for Public :Gntgrtainment, <br />The Board of Trustees of the Town of Los Gatos, do ordain <br />as follows: <br />Section l: Every theater, opera house, concert hall , or building <br />to be used for public entertainment hereafter erected, altered or <br />changed shall have at least one front on the public highway, or on <br />the street , and in front there shall be suitable means of entrance <br />and exit for the audience„ An open space shall be reserved for the <br />use of the audience in leaving the building and for service in the <br />D.Aont of fire , t o be on three sides of the portion of the structure <br />in which the auditori.uT_'i and stage are placed, The said space' shall. <br />not average less than 'O feet in width for places a.ccoimiodating- <br />1000 persons , and i•t shall have out'-lets on the highway , or public <br />street aggregating not less than n" feet in width , and <br />proper out-lets shall be provided for the stage. For all buildings 4 <br />enumerated above -the outlets and space ,Wall be in proportion to the <br />number of persons accommodated a but in no case shall the outlets, be <br />less than an aggregate of feet in width to the public <br />highway or public street. The above iTientioned spaace and outlets <br />shall be kept freer froi.n any obstruction whatever. The painted scene- <br />ry and other decorations rmay be stored in a contiguous storo room , <br />but they shall be enclosed with fire proof partitions , ceilings and <br />floors, and no place in the building; shall be let for storage , or <br />sale of any article a described or classified by insurance companies <br />as haza,rdo ts, or extra- hazardous iyiaterial : all stage scenery or dec- <br />orations made of combustible material , and all wood-work about the- <br />stage shall be saturated with some incombustible preparation or ma- <br />terial, or otherwise: rendered safe against fire to the satzsfacti.on <br />of the fire ccTiuni,ssi.oner. <br />Section 2>. All. seats in the auditorium , except those coli- <br />tai.ned in boxes, shall be f:i.rmly secured to the <br />floors, and no seat In the auditorium shall have more than six (6) <br />seats intervening betwoen it and an aisle, and no camp stools or other <br />obstruction shall be placed in any aisle or passage way. All aisles <br />in the auditorium shall have at least a width of twenty 1'Ti.c1les for <br />every hundred persons , or part thereof, to be provided for, and no <br />aisle or passage way shall be less than feet inches tit the <br />narrowest points . and shall be increased in width to the point of <br />exit at least one inch for every five running feet or -p&Lrt thereof, <br />every door way cor, betweeT2 the aisles and pa6sagcz- <br />ways , in the auditoriur7 tend any :lobby or corridor,, shall have g clear <br />opentng of not less than the full width of the aisles and passage ways <br />in the audi. to riurn and any lobby or corridor shall have a clear open <br />ing of not less than the full width of tine aisles and passage ways <br />leading to such doorwaT and each door shall open outwardly, 9 x9WffPxxx <br />The aggrega capacr ty <br />of the lobbies , corridors,, passages, <br />and road?Ts, for the use of the audience on each floot , or gallery <br />shall be sufficient to cond.Win t ..e entire number to be accommoetated <br />ANDREW C. ROBERTSON <br />ATTORNEY AT LAW <br />AND NOTARY PUBLIC <br />ARAM BLOCK, LOS GATOS, CAL. <br />