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ORDINANCE NO.~~'. <br />AN ORDTNANCF4 RE TVT' ' 0 THE ALCOILOLIC LIQUOR TRAFFIC IN THE TOWN <br />OF OS GATOS.:AND PROHTI3TT-TNC~ TJJZ ` 1?I I OR FURNISHING OF _INTOXICATING <br />DER'111I CONDITIONS 1 ERETIT.. <br />LU UORS tCXCF,PC TiS IPII_ MANNER AND UI <br />PROVIDED, AND PEPHAT-UG ORIDZNANCE NO. 142 AND ALL OTHER ORDINANOES <br />AND PARTS OF ORDINANCES IN OONFLICT THEREWITH. <br />The Board of Trustees of the Town of Los Gatos do ordain as <br />follows <br />section l.n Any person, firm, oorporation, club, or association, <br />that, within the Town of Los Gatos, establishes, keeps, opens, <br />maintains, or carries on a place where spiritous, vinous, malt, or <br />mixed liquors, or any alooholio or intoxicating drinks are sold, <br />kept for sale, or offered for sale, except as hereinafter provided, <br />shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor. <br />Section 2. The Board of Trustees of the Town of Los Gatos <br />may ;grant„ by a majority vote of said Board, to any person, firm, or <br />corporation, permission to .sell, furnish, and serve epiritous, vinous, <br />malt, or mixed liquors or any other alcoholic beverages, with bona <br />fide meals, in hotels and restaurants, upon the germs and conditions <br />hereinafter provided. Said permission shall be granted upon a <br />written application to said Board by the applicant therefor.. Said <br />application shall set forth the location of the hotel or restaurant <br />and the names of all persons interested in the business of conducting <br />the same, Such ;permission shall be granted only to a person who was <br />P <br />y duly registered as an Elector of the .Town. of Los 'Gatos on the date <br />of the general municipal election held in said 'Town next preceding <br />the date of the passage and approval. of this ordinance, or to a <br />firm at least one ember of which tia>a,a duly registered as such <br />elector on said date. Said permission shall be revocable at any <br />time at the pleasure of the Board of Trustees and, may be revoked <br />by said Board without notice to the holder thereof, Said perl-gission <br />shall authorize the holdoi.- thereof to sell., furnish, and serve <br />W j <br />