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ORDINANCE NO. 143•. <br />AN ORDINANCE ESTABLISHING WAT.M RATES FOR TIM, TOWN OE' LOS GA`IOS, <br />CQUNTY OF SANTA CLARA, STATE OF CALIFORNIA. <br />THE EOARD OF TRUSTEES OF THE TOWN OF LOS GATOS do ordain <br />as follows:- <br />The schedule rates, to be charged for 'water rate payers to <br />be collected for furnishing water to customers within the Town <br />of Los Gatos for the year commencing J'ul<y lsty A.D,191Q, shall <br />'be as follows <br />Section 1, For tenements occupied by a single family <br />of not more than five persons, per <br />Section 2. For families and private boarding houses <br />of more than five persons, shall be charged for each person <br />above that numbexfim.,.._..,4----M.....,._,___.>w. _ , .151 <br />Children of seven years and under are exempt from the <br />above rate. <br />Section 3. For small families aoeuupying rooms in <br />second and third storles`X,per month-..•u -~--W .'151 <br />Section 4-.' For restaurants and eating houses, per <br />mont.hv..,------_...vw.........._.......m___,»_....__,..._...,___---------$3.00 to5.00 <br />Section 5. For hotels and lodging houses, rate subject <br />to special agi-eement in accordance with the quantity of <br />water used, to be determined byk meter, as provided in <br />Section <br />Section 6., For small-x. stores and shops, per month-.,.,_- .50 <br />Section 171; For stores and shops per month--$1.00 -to 2.50 <br />Section For saloons, per month------------ 1.'50 to 3.bO <br />Sect On 9., For rooms in second and -third stories <br />occupied as of'f`ices, for each room, per onth~^ to .50 <br />Section 1Q. Fo.r ;photograph galleries per mopth&.00 -to 5,00 <br />Section 1'1,. For public water-closets where there is <br />