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ORDINANCE NO. ,,V <br />---000oo-•.« <br />AN ORDINANCE RELATIVE TO THE ALCOHOLIC ];IgUOR TRAFI'IC IN THE TOWN <br />OF LOS GATOS, AND PROHIBITING TI-M SALE MD MAN VACTURE Oil INTOXI <br />GATING MgUORS EXCEPT FOR BONA FIDE MEDICAL, CHEMICAL OR NE+CHANI- <br />CAL PURPOSES, IN THE MANNER THEREIN PROVIDED, AND REPEALING <br />ORDINANCE NO. 730, <br />---ooQoo--- <br />THE BOARD OF TRUSTHHS' OF THE TOWN OF LOG GATOS. do ordain <br />as follows- <br />Section 1.. Any person, firm, corporation, club :or associ- <br />ation, that, within the Town of Los Gatos, establishes, keeps <br />opens., maintains or carries on a place where spirktuous vinous, <br />malt or mixed liquors or any alcoholic or intoalvating drinks <br />are :solid, kept for sale, offered for sale, furnished, ditributed,, <br />.divided, de iverecl or given away; or that, within said towny <br />either as owner, employee,, agent, servant, clerk or otherwise <br />manuf:actures, sells, keeps for sale, offers for sale, furnishes,, <br />distributes', divides, delivers or gives away any spirituous, <br />vinous, malt or mixed liquors or any alcoholic or intoxicating, <br />.drinks, shall bedeerned guilty of a misdemeanor. <br />Section Every person who shall, directly or indirectly, <br />keep or maintain, by himself, or by associating or combining with <br />others, or who shall in any ;manner aid, assist, or abet in keep- <br />ing or, mcairitaini-ag, any club-room or other place v+ithin. the Town <br />of Las Gatos, in which any Intoxicating 1iqu.9r is recei. red or <br />kept for the purpose of use, gift, ! bartsr or saleof f or 'dis.".' <br />tribution er division'- among the members of any club or assoc=latr <br />ion; by dny, means whatever, and every person who'shall'use, <br />barter, sell or give away or assist or abet ,:another in bartering, <br />selling or giving away, any intoxicating liquors so sold, re- <br />ceived or kept, shall be deemed guilty, of a misdemeanor. <br />