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ORDxNADTCE N0. ~~~ <br />A19~ ORDIIVADTCE 1NtPOSING ~UNICIPAT~ DICENSES TN TFTE TOW1J OF ZOS GA'~OS, AND <br />PROV'IDINC} `F'OR T.R1, COI,T,EC`~ION OF Tr3E SA~tlE', AND FRESLR;~~3;I1VG PENAI;TTES 1+013 <br />THE VllB1:,ATT:ON TH + ~0~.. <br />`L'1TI~; BOARD OF TRUSTEES OF T[dE TO!FlN OF LOS GATQS do or~daixi as <br />follows :~ <br />Section a. Zt shall 'b~; ui~lawful..fsor any person t4 engage iri ar <br />carrry on any bus~.ness"y :occupation o~ e~pl9ym.entT'within the Tawn of T,os <br />Gatos, heroinaf~er specif~;:ed..,,wi:t7iout firs~ti obtaiaingsfrom the Towri Mare <br />.. ~ <br />shall s. lioen~e~_ and ~iay ~herefgre ~tk~e airio~,int ment.toned~thi~ 0~*d:'iz~axice <br />here naft~er set..: forth;-: ` <br />i~setign 2. All persons, firms or corporation having a'-fixed <br />place of °business in said towm dealing.- in ,go:ods,- wares= and ~nerchandis"e <br />hall pay a accordance. with',the~provis ons"of Section 3iNo~hf~~ <br />in Section 3 shall be construed to apply to any of "the. bus;iriesses`an other <br />ect',ons of this ordinance licensed spec:ifically~,-bu~the license-,of.,any <br />bu"siiness in any. other sectfon specifically enumerated and licensed shall <br />be governed by the provisions of the section so licensing the same. <br />Section 3. Dicenses off' the firaL class shall, consist of all <br />per~•s"ons or `firms`whoFars estimated to make average monthly sales or hire <br />t,o the amount of° five hous'e,nd dollar~s:.(~5000.00} and sha11 pay a ice~se <br />of ~t~wo dol ors -per months <br />Licenaes~f the second"~,e ass hall consist of all persona. or <br />f isms who" are estimated t o 'make average monthly' salles or hire "t o" t:he- <br />amount of: two thousand five ;hundred do~.l,a~s 02500.00) .and less `than five . <br />thousand dollars. (~50~O.Ob), shall pay a license of one- dollar and fifty` <br />cents per month.; - <br />T~icensesof -the third class shall cons st of "all persons or firms <br />who are estimated "to make "monthly"" sales or hire to the arrtotant of fifteen <br />hundred dollars {1500.00): -and less than twenty-five hundr;Ed dollars <br />02500.00) shall-pay:a license of one dollar per month. <br />shall consist <br />Liven es of -the fourth;elass^of all per ons or firms who dre <br />- estimated to make month7.y s~,lea .oar hire to the amount`of five hundred <br />• <br />~~ __.: <br />