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mad@ •~o the T'owri Tz"easurer, he must; credit the amount paid to <br />the p©Y•son named in, t12e o~l.lector a s .certificate, and pay it on <br />derr~and to thQ person or his ass3 <br />ghee, rn each report the <br />T'="r~asu-r•,$r, the hoard p~ Trust;ees <br />sons entitled to redern tion mone ' hQ must name the per.,, <br />p Y, and the amount due t o each. <br />Section 3e This ordinance shall take ef'#'ect and be .in <br />:Force i~rom and af' its passage, approval and publioatior~. <br />gassed and adopted this 20th <br />day of September, A.v. 1909, <br />by the Fo~,3.o~ring vote;~. <br />dyes. Trust;eesA~~~lf ~.~n-~_e,~~«~_~,_ <br />-~.~ ~~: <br />-- -..~r..._._~_._____ <br />Noes. Tarust.PesQ ~~--~z-C <br />.X ....,. _.. <br />absent. Trustees ~ r. W _ ~" ~' '_ -- W_ <br />~awin~ofnt off' No~lrus~e`es`~o3° -the <br />dos Gatos, <br />~TTiEST <br />~,~ 7 <br />C%ler.k of "the"'~o~~`;-b'~os Gatos. <br />