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ORD~N,ANCE : ~d0 A ~ ~ ~, <br />,A~7 bTi,U:C~NC~+, .13T-~I~A~'xI~TCr `J,'0 A~T~N4S ,A~tD S~Cx~S OVER OR :AC~OaS 5~7~ +'-~ <br />WA,~S, S'~I~F~Zi'7'.S `-OR~A~I~ES'S IN TTi~+ SOWN OF I,QS CiA.TOSa <br />. <br />,_: '~~I'E BOARD OF~'~RUST~S 0~' ~NZ T09V1~T'OF T,OS G~.7.'OS do ordain.. <br />as ~'oa.~.ow~•- <br />"ecti`on ~.~ Noa~.,.&wninge oP-any- other triaterial than clotYa <br />or oanva~ w3,I.]. be p.ermit~ed .~:o hang or projecit. from anon '~ui~,d~~g <br />:: <br />post or ;pole over or acraoa the .>id~~ralks, streets or a1.7.eys in <br />said: town, <br />Sec„ 2~, . No•s,i~ns off' any desc~^iption w~.y1 lie perinitt,ed to <br />han¢ or prp,~ect t'rom any l~ui"?dinga: post or poke over or across <br />the sidevvall~s, st~`eets or a1,].eys inn said townA <br />Sec,3. Said awninga;n~ust be secur.e,ly.fs,stened to the <br /> and. in;no instance w~11 ,an .ownir}g 'be ~perint~ed to Y~a,ng <br />7.ess~ than seven..{ry) feet from th:e sidewalk, aid the~~:nrr~, mint <br />rio"'~';,gUa the width of tk~e wa~..k ° and said avan~,r~go must "~©. o Ox~ <br />s'~x'uis$,ed" and put up.,,,.~:n a ~ood• a;nd workmanlike x4anner and approved <br />by' 't'he 1~dax^€Sht'a„1, e' , ' <br />See:: 4Q All` or:ilinanc'es:~or psrts oi' ordix~az~eses ~h co'nfliciG; <br />her;ewfith arse hereby repea~.eds: ~.. <br />~,ny of. <br />`Secs .5, Any person- found=gui 1ty oi' violat'ng~~,the pro.-: <br />v;istons of th~.a Ordinance., sha17..~1ae gu)i1,;ty of a misdemeanor, and <br />'upon conviction thereof, shall be f'ir_ed not 7,ess tlaan~ the surtt ' <br />! 'of,~;/~~~~; nor Wrote than th,e Burn of ~~~• $, or be _~.mpra.soned:.- <br />- to the County Jail ,af Santa Clare., County, 'or a. period. 4f not <br />. lesr~ than . dayrs, War more than ~~ ~~ days } :or by 1~;oth sa.cll <br />firi.e and' iznprioox~mezit, <br />Sec.. S.. '1'his•Qrdinance shall take e~~ect e;nd Ze in fc~ree <br />,~ <br />`. 1 ~ <br />