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ORDINANCE NO®~~~~~y~ <br />~~wao0oo®w~, <br />AN ORDINANCE R:GLAT:[VE TO `PHE KEEPING Ot' LIVE' STOCK AND <br />VdTTHTN TFIE CORPORAT7+ I,TNITTS OF THE ~~I6T1~ OF LOS GAT OS <br />AIVD I'O:ft `.PHI{; PRESERVATION OL' FILALTFI TDl SAID TOVUl~l. <br />me~co0oop-~~ <br />THE BOARD 01+ TR.US`I' '+S of the 'own of Los C,atos do <br />ordain as follows; <br />Section lm Every persoh, firm or corporat.i.on eiac-~'r• <br />as owner, lessee, tenant ar occupant of any stably:, sta11, <br />cor~^a~., pen, yard, enclosure or apxez~°tnien•~ in whl.clz any horse, <br />cow, swine, poultry or• any other animal shall be kept., or in <br />any place in which manure of any such animal or animals shall <br />0 ollect or ace>:amulea,te or any Vraste, fend or vegetable matt.ezty <br />sha11 accumulate, sh.a7.l cause such r~~ or waste 'ta <br />be removed to some proper place and saa:d. acotvnulati.ons shall. <br />be removed at intervals not exceeding ~o weeks between <br />th.e first day of Aprl.l and the first day of October and at <br />iril;erval~s not exceeding "'~' weeks between the first day <br />of October and the first day of Apr:tl of each and every year <br />and shall a.t all times lteep or cause to be kept- such stables, <br />stalls, corrals, pons., yards, encl.esures or apartc~inents .and <br />appurtenancesthereof in a clean'and whcl.esome eonditi,on. <br />Section ~. I+~ery person, ~'~a~m or corpa~,rat3.on eil;Iier <br />~ ~!I. <br />as owners lessee, tenant or occupant conducting a restaurant <br />Ira-~~~~~~ Vic-<.~-~ <br />~ hotel~n said ~owrz slsall proviele suif;able ~xh <br />recep•l;ac].es~with proper covers fox the same~for receivjng: <br />all slops, offal., garbage and waste mterial of sa~.d x•estauren•t <br />axa hotely~and cause th.e same to be removed t;o some prober pace <br />at intervals not exceeding ~~-edays. <br />' See•tion ;3. Tt sha11 be unlawful f'or any pex°son, or <br />