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ORDINANCE N0. ~~ <br />mu~oo0oo=DP04 <br />AIJ ORDINANCE APPOIN`PING FI't~E P7~RSONS TO <br />CONSTI'~'tJTE A BOARD Off' HZ+,ALTH. <br />vm~oo0oom®= <br />THE BOARD 02' TRUSTEES of tlae Town of Los Gatos do <br />ordain as follows:® <br />Section 1. ghat the Board of Health of the Town of Los <br />Gatos shall consist of the following members: <br />Dx°. Eleanor S. 'Y.'elland, "Pl. C. Shorn, Dr. R. A. <br />Urquhart, S. D. Balch and J. Barber, AHarshal of said Town. <br />Section 2. That the term of ~f'~ioe of said Board of <br />Health shall 'be four years, provided however, that the term <br />of the persons herein s;ppoin9~.ed shall be as follows, to~wit :m <br />That the said Dr . Eleanor S . 5lelland axed 'W. C . Short <br />shall hold offioe for a term of two .years on and after the <br />passage and approval of this ordinance: <br />That the said Dr. ~. A. Urquhart and S. D. Balch <br />~ha.1l hold office for a term of four years on and after the <br />passage and approval of this ordinance: <br />~°hat th.e said J'. Barber sha~,l hold office during the <br />term of his of~'9:ce as ~lLarshal and ExeOfficio `r'aa~ Colleotor <br />of said Town of Los Gatos, <br />Seotion 3. That wacaxLeies occurring in said Board of <br />Health by death, resignation, removal or expiration of term <br />of office sha],l be filled by appointment of the Board of <br />Trustees of .said Town of Los Gatos. <br />Section 4. .All ordinances or parts of ordinances in <br />oonflict with this ordinance are hereby repealed. <br />Seotion 5. This ordinance shall take ®ffeot from <br />and after f~ passage, approval and publication. <br />Passed and adopted this ~~~ day of April, 1908, <br />by the following vote: <br />Aye$e Trustees: i~~L~l/'~~, ~"~~'(~<,~~~ <br />tee/ ~ ~-~ ~ ~ ~ c~!~i/~-~mr~f~~„~, ®~ ~~~~.~ <br />Noes, Trustees:®, m_ ~E~ih.P,.~ ® ~. ® .~ .~, --- ~ ~. m m m <br />Absent. 7tarustees: ~~~-~.~ _ ~ ~ ~ _.. ~. ~..~ <br />~Chaix°mail/~of~' o d o~ trustees ®f <br />AT'T'EST': the Tosi~n,. f Los Gatos. <br />C~,er1~ q~' the down`-' f I,os Gatos. <br />