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ORDINANCE NO ®~L~~`~ <br />®m=oo0oom~w <br />AN OF~DINANCE 1~EGUI,AT%NG THE OP1~tATION AND SP~+I) OP BdLOT02Z <br />AND 07.'IiAT~i. '(1}r~-TICZES ON TTiE PUBLIC iTI3 + +TS AND HIGHVIIAI'S <br />IN THE TOdVN OP ZOS GATOSe CAZI1a'ORNIA, <br />. m®a.oo0oom~a - <br />THE BOARD OR TRUSTL~ES of the Town o~ I,os Gatos do <br />ordain as follows: <br />Section l® Tt shall be unlawful fnr any person to <br />drive, ride or op erate any motor vehic~,® upon or along ax~y <br />public street or highway of the Town o~ I,os Gatos at asp®ed <br />g~°e~ater than one mi%.e in sine minutes and it shal:~ also be <br />un5.awful for any person to driven ride or op~~ate any other <br />vehicle along or upon any p~bliie~ street or highway within <br />said Town of Dos Gatos at a speed greater than one mil® in <br />sia~ minutes. <br />Section 2. Any person ,~~;ating any provision of <br />this Ordinance shall be of a misdemeanor and upon <br />coxnrietion thereof shah: b:~.:sub3ect to a gins of not a~aore <br />than ~~~iLe a~~.r~-L~~~r ~G~ D~3,7.ars or ivaprisonment in <br />the Coun~ty- J~a;~i~], of the County of ..Santa CJLara for u, term oi' <br />,'~1~~>i~r G~,r,~=..d~~'da a ar both suo h-2' ins and irapr i aon~aent q <br />Seotion 3. phis Ordinance shah. tal~e~ effect .and b: <br />fn force from and ai'ter its pas~~,ge. <br />Section 4. A7.~. Ordixiances or parts of Ordinances <br />in oonflict her~eurith ax°e - hex'e'~y 'repealed... . <br />Section 5a It shall be the duty of t;Yn A~arshall of. <br />said Town to plane or ire p].aeed" conspi~uoua%.y .and to per•® <br />petual].y~ maintain in eac2i maims publics ligheay mf' said Town <br />where the boundary oi' said Town crosses the saubQ,g signs of <br />sufficient size to be easily read:ab"7.e by a person using the° <br />