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.~,.` --, <br />~. ~__ ~.s~. ' <br />i <br />r m ~ <br />power, per monthmwa«~4W»PPrP4«m444»44rrrr_rrmr»m ~ <br />Section 19. For building or plastering, forgslaclsing0each ®1: <br />bara~el of 13;mePA»m..»__4P»«mmb»___4_.,»_m4 .._mP® »m.. i <br />For water used by brick layers to makemmortarmand4dampen4m .lax <br />br~clc for each x,000 brick44®_«°°»»_4Pr»P»„_«wm4r»..»rmmmm4 <br />erection 20. For barbe~° shops wheremone»chair«ismussda»per l®00 i <br />month_PP4m4...,»»w»__444m4mP4mrr» <br />For each additional chair,®per moxxth.4Pm4»«44»..m»_»»«___m_ .40 <br />Section 21. For fountains not used more than sir hoursmper2.00 <br />day for 1/l~i~ inch Set, pex° month-mamm4_r4r44r4_r»»-»«r_mr w«rm 4..00 <br />For l/8 inch ~et~ per mont~ir4r4_4mPrr_r®m»~»»»4 R,«e_ __r4 <br />:[`or l./2 inch. het, per monthv_44m4P°_a_»_m»»r»= w.._» »10.00 <br />Section 22. For irrigation, for use of hose for sprinkling I <br />flowers and grass p7.ats of not more than fifty square yardsy per .40 <br />uioY~th,~4»44..P4«.4m4»mr««P..P.,»rPm»»err»P_»w«__P»».,Pr»4r_»m4r_»,..,c® 0001 2 <br />For each square yard exceeding fifty., per month..44_e__m4 /` <br />Section 23. For use of hose in front of stores and shops <br />for tging windows end sprinklixag sidewalks, according to froxztPl 00 <br />tzgee per rao~th X025 to PP4r4»P«44P_P mm44Pm» P4mrwP..P_»P_w»_w <br />Section 24. For water troughs for each»trougYi en sidewalk, { <br />per month ~~..00 to ®P44r.«w4..4_»..mr4 , P«4 w_ _ w»P_..«»_»4 3000 <br />Section 2~. For China washhcuses,4f or use~of~water f ormone~m~,~I <br />washer' par month.rmwrtlp4PP44»mrPPP»mP4m44P4rrm 4. <br />For each ad~d.itional, man at the same hawse, per4moxxth~mm»m4.. ~000~ <br />Section 26. For water carts and wagons for use of water .for <br />sprinkling. streets only, for each x,000 gallons used~~mrmPPPPr««~ .101 <br />Section 27. For wet®r used by meter, minimum charge of X1.00 ~I <br />per' month' which. entitles user to 4000 gallonsgm All«overP4000mm a15` <br />gallons, per 1000.444Pr_mm44r4mm4P»4r__r4rr»P.. <br />Sectioax 28. Any consumer dissatisfied with4the amount of <br />his monthly-rate for water cnta have the. same adjusted by meter by <br />paying the.. Water Company a reasomable price for setting a meter <br />at the rate per thousand gallons': as provided ixx Section 27 of the <br />foregoi.nga~g tariff' rates. <br />Section ~9~. The .Board'io~"_ Directors of t~a~s Water Company shs;l'1 <br />have the power in a7.1 cases. to ascertain by metex^ the quantity of ` <br />orator used and the prices as provided in Section 2'!. <br />Section 30.. ~ratnediate:ly upon the alarm ®f fire all persons <br />using water for irrigating purposes must close their faucets and keep <br />them closed dear iiig the c ont nuasic a of the use of the water by the i <br />'dire Department0 ` <br />Sea~tion ~];. For water wilfully or eare3.essly allowed to run <br />goer night through a hose, a sprinkler or a faucet, the rate sha12s50I <br />be, pct night,4PP»«»®wPr_P».:_»_rrmmP»P4m_44»r«rmrm_»mr»..p.~w <br />Section 32. For wester used from hydrants for fire. purposes <br />by tphe down of 7Gos Gat:os9 for each hydrant, pormannu~at,gpayable <br />quVKterl~lM Ne~w•ro4w4m4aasmmmw4rwahmmoos » m.»P»P» rMw»»4 ~oOVI <br />J+ " P <br />Section 3"~. I'or water used f ormflushingmsewers and spr3;nk~ <br />lung ~treet~ only by the Town of .Los Gatos per 1000 gallons-»,»»«4 .10.1 <br />Section 34. _ 'ghi~~ ord°inance skull: teke e~f'ect a~nd..,be _ in, force <br />from and after ~'uxie ~u0th, 1908, <br />Se'~tian 36...- .A11 crdi~t~oes or p,~rts of ordinances in conflict { <br />~~ witk~ tl~~i`s o~'dinance are hereby repea3.'ed.. ~ <br />JPassed and. adopted this lath day of February,1908, by the I, <br />fo11ow3ng vote: ', <br />.Ayes. Truntees. ~'./~,~u2-~~N~~ ~~~~~~~~~~`' .m ®.,~ _.. _...~ <br />Noes. .U~~i°~w~ _ _ <br />Absexx~. /~'~~-~.~~~e-t~.~ m <br />UT ~ ~1 /~~~ e/~ ~i:s. ( 'per v. \~-,/: <br />ATTEST ; ~ ~ u ~` 'f <br />Cleric of tla,e Town ~f~ dos <br />~hai~mariia~ `card of Trustees of <br />the Tov~~ of` dos Cxatos, Ca7.iforniap <br />C~stosP <br />