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`~. <br />QRD~~T;FlS(CT7 I~O~, 13.0;,; <br />d~,~. q ~:rv~ <br />AN ORUIN~TCE ~~,1~~l:VE T0. THE A7.b,`,(~I~QT~IC ZIQU'OR ~H.A3~'~'JC 7N' `1'HT!' '~QWl.V C?Z{ <br />~ o s ~A T O:~S <br />..,_ wv~ r ~~. ~. <br />. -~ _ _ ~-,~.v. ~,.t.~.....~. <br />P~mm a .~a~ <br />F~'he Board of '~rusteee of the `1'aW~S~ off' Zags Oatos dA ordain., as <br />foll.ows~;~ <br />Sop~i•Ori a,,4 Zt sk~a.ia b;e a,~d is hereby made ~n1aw:~ul. ~r~x° A,z?;~ <br />pErsan Or gex•sons either as o~x~er, pri°x~cipal., a~~.ent y a~rv~nt, e~n~lUyee,, <br />ar cthex'wis.e, =4o eetab7,iGh.;; 9pen;,, ~eei?<a ,m~.i~atai~ qr oax'r"~r c~~i, or assist <br />~. az <br />in es~tab],ishing, operxing, keeping, mai~ta~i:ning or ca~rx'~?~in~ .qn ~vitk~the <br />corporate lim~,t~ off' the ~eWr~ Q~ T,ooG~,tr~s~ s.ny t~:pp~,~7~g ~.4use, drax~ shgp, <br />c~1].ar, sal.aon,, bar,. bar~room,$ samp~;,, hotel: ar Qther p~.aae wr~arf; <br />spirituous, vinous, ma3.t qr ~,i~ed ligi~Qrs are sa1d, ~i~ren away, handed. <br />out, purveyed or furnished.R. <br />Section 2,. 'i'he prove~~.aa~s of this ardna~~oe shs,~.~: not. a.ppl,y tU <br />the sale of 1.iciuar for medicina:~. purpoee.s by a dx'ugg3~st regu.~,ar1;y licensed <br />under the 1,aws flee Sta•t;e off` .Ca7.~;~orna, upon the prescx° of a <br /> entitled to p~^act~..oe wedcine und.~er the.. 7,arvs oaf the State pf <br />Ca~.i.farnia, pr:4'~ided :said =pr>escr~.ptic~n, sha~:l b.~t duly re~istere~. u~aon the <br />first presentat;an ;for.- fil~ir~g by the druggist who i'i1;ls t:~e saxz~;ea and <br />sha];l net be fil~.ed more th~.rz or~ae.a ~"or sha~.l this ordinance apply to thy. <br />sale of such liquors far chemigal. or mechanical, pur•poaes <br />SeetiAn 3:., ~~ny ~zers.Qr; vv::k~,q vip~.a,tes any•n$' the provisions Qf <br />this ordinanoe shall. be guilty of a niisdemeanar and shall. be pu~?~:shed by <br />imprisonment in the Gounty ,fail of Santa Clara County net e~ceedix~~ ChrPe <br />months or by a fine of ~a:t. exceeding; 'Three ~Tundred ~o3.lax~s, o~° by 1~o~:h <br />such fine axed imprisounent;p <br />Section 4 Al,l ordinoz~oe.s or ps,x'ts of Ardinanaes conflicting <br /> the provisions .of this ardlnance arse ?'ereby r~epeal:ed, and espeaiall,y <br />