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g <br />7 <br />8 <br />9 <br />10 <br />11 <br />12 <br />13 <br />14 <br />16 <br />18- <br />Said ordin<,nce is numbered One f~undred a2d Twenty five of <br />tYie Ordnaricee~: of said 'Town aild had been ther~:toFor? duly. and <br />re~ru:L~~rly introduced a..nd. is hereYy -:spec if-ioall.y and. e~cp1^~;~~>1y <br />referred to;- <br />AND WAERP~S said or. d.inance way.. th'er:~fte;rv+ard atid.:on the <br />sa~.d.. 7:th dray :of` November, 1.9Q4, duly approved: by the execut.i've <br />of said Town,,, a.nd. vas thereaf.terward duly pu721shed :i.n all rests <br />petits pis by law under the terrn~ of ~saa.d ord:inaaa:eP,, <br />AND WIiER;I+~AS: o1i Monday , the 5th d ay cif Pe e emb er , 190 ~ a d <br />3peri~l election ~s oalled and. specified: in <ad or dinanee N;o. <br />125 was duly and. regui~;rly l~elcl :and. conducted in X1:1 respects. <br />~:a recitzred: by' said orda.nanc'e, and by la~v; <br />A2dD 1~T:N~'~.S at said special the twe, propositions <br />f:or :incurring inde'bted.n;~'ss' a yid the issuance of bonds therefor, <br />for said two ,several :l:ra.pusit;iens a.s speoified; in said or.di~` <br />nance were duly sizk~mitted to the qualified. voters of sai:d. Town <br />N>~ <br />ordinance caring a special el:ecti on of said 'Down of Los Gatos <br />fior the purpose of submitting to the qualified voters of said. <br />Town. the ~'ol:l.owing prnpositioris far incurring ind.abi~.edness cf <br />said; Town, to~~rt e <br />