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<br />Page 2 of 3 <br />TOWN OF LOS GATOS <br />TOWN COUNCIL MEETING <br />APRIL 02, 2019 <br /> <br />7:00 PM <br /> <br />MEETING CALLED TO ORDER <br /> <br />ROLL CALL <br /> <br />PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE <br /> <br /> Community Pledge Leader- Seth Strell, Blossom Hill Elementary <br /> <br />CONSENT ITEMS (TO BE ACTED UPON BY A SINGLE MOTION) (Items appearing on the <br />Consent Calendar are considered routine and may be approved by one motion. Any member of the <br />Council or public may request to have an item removed from the Consent Calendar for comment and <br />action. If an item is pulled, the Mayor has the sole discretion to determine when the item will be <br />heard. Unless there are separate discussions and/or actions requested by Council, staff, or a member <br />of the public, it is requested that items under the Consent Calendar be acted on simultaneously.) <br /> <br />1. Approve Closed Session meeting minutes of March 19, 2019. <br />2. Approve Council minutes of March 19, 2019. <br />3. Authorize the Town Manager to enter into a voluntary collection agreement with Airbnb to <br />collect transient occupancy taxes owed to the Town from short-term rental operators in Los <br />Gatos using the Airbnb Platform. <br /> <br />VERBAL COMMUNICATIONS (Members of the public are welcome to address the Town Council <br />on any matter that is not listed on the agenda. To ensure all agenda items are heard and unless <br />additional time is authorized by the Mayor, this portion of the agenda is limited to 30 minutes and no <br />more than three (3) minutes per speaker. In the event additional speakers were not able to be heard <br />during the initial Verbal Communications portion of the agenda, an additional Verbal Communications <br />will be opened prior to adjournment.) <br /> <br />PUBLIC HEARING (Applicants/Appellants and their representatives may be allotted up to a total of <br />ten minutes maximum for opening statements. Members of the public may be allotted up to three <br />minutes to comment on any public hearing item. Applicants/Appellants and their representatives may <br />be allotted up to a total of five minutes maximum for closing statements. Items <br />requested/recommended for continuance are subject to Council’s consent at the meeting.) <br /> <br />4. Planned Development Application PD-16-002 and Environmental Impact Report EIR-17-001. <br />Project Location: 16100 Greenridge Terrace. Property Owner: Emerald Lake Investments LLC. <br />Applicant: Kohlsaat and Associates, Inc. <br /> Requesting approval to rezone a property zoned HR-2½ to HR-2½:PD, to subdivide one lot into <br />eight lots, and to remove large protected trees on property zoned HR-2½. APN 527-12-002. <br /> <br />