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PAGE 2 OF 3 <br />SUBJECT: GENERAL PLAN UPDATE CONSULTANT AGREEMENT <br />JUNE 11, 2018 <br /> <br />S:\COUNCIL REPORTS\2018\06-19-18\10 General Plan Update Consultants\Staff Report.FINAL.docx 6/12/2018 5:50 PM <br /> <br />BACKGROUND (Continued): <br /> <br />On April 17, 2018, the Town Council adopted a resolution to establish the GPAC and approve <br />guiding principles to guide the work of the GPAC. <br /> <br />DISCUSSION: <br /> <br />Staff sent the request for proposals to 14 consultants with known qualifications associated with <br />the General Plan update and EIR. Staff received proposals from two firms and conducted <br />interviews and reference checks for each. At the conclusion of the RFP review process, staff <br />concluded that Mintier Harnish Planning Consultants provides the best fit, capacity, and <br />professional expertise for preparation of the General Plan update and EIR within the <br />established time frame. <br /> <br />Mintier Harnish offers extensive experience working with communities with their General Plan <br />and environmental analyses, including Windsor, Gilroy, Folsom, Millbrae, Union City, <br />Sacramento, and Hayward. Mintier Harnish’s proposal focuses on addressing the key issues <br />identified by the Town Council. The proposed scope of work includes extensive opportunities <br />for public engagement and outreach. In addition, Mintier Harnish proposes a team approach <br />with five subconsultants for specific project tasks: WRT (urban design), Rincon Consultants, Inc. <br />(EIR and climate change), Fehr & Peers (transportation), Applied Development Economics <br />(economics), and Urban Green (sustainability and community engagement). This team <br />approach allows efficiency in production and effective coordination between the General Plan <br />and EIR documents. <br /> <br />The estimated cost to complete the proposed scope of work described in this proposal is <br />$1,174,975. A general 10 percent contingency fee of $117,498 is included to fund any <br />unanticipated services. The base amount plus contingencies totals $1,292,473. The <br />contingency fee will only be utilized if necessary, and it has been included to allow the Town <br />Manager to authorize limited additional costs in order to complete the project within the <br />proposed schedule. <br /> <br />CONCLUSION: <br />Staff recommends that the Town Council authorize the Town Manager to enter into an <br />agreement (Attachment 1) with Mintier Harnish Planning Consultants for the reasons stated in <br />this report. <br /> <br />ALTERNATIVES: <br /> <br />The Council could direct staff to meet with the recommended consultant to add or delete work <br />scope components. Adding components to the work scope would likely increase the project <br />