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From: shannon susick [ ] <br />Sent: Tuesday, August 07, 2018 8:06 AM <br />To: Rob Rennie; Steven Leonardis; BSpector; Marice Sayoc; Marcia Jensen; Robert Schultz; Laurel <br />Prevetti <br />Subject: North 40 Specific Plan Moratorium Desk Item <br />Good Morning Mayor Rennie, Council & Staff <br />Unfortunately due to surgery I had yesterday I am not sure I will be able to attend tonight's <br />hearing. I urgently request that the moratorium for amendments on the Specific Plan be extended <br />for an additional 12 months to allow the Town & the majority of its residents to fully explore the <br />options for development. <br />The extension is crucial as we have yet to realize the effects of the approved Phase I slated to <br />begin shortly or truly explore amendment options. Traffic, congestion, impacts on the Town and <br />its services , unexpected or expected changes; all major and many adverse and must be <br />considered. <br />As we spend another summer (and winter) with our streets clogged, unable to get out of our <br />driveways ( or for myself to host open houses and try to make a living); it is imperative that we <br />take this respite to plan responsibly and use the time allotted to make intelligent decisions that <br />we will live with forever. <br />Thank you so much for your time & consideration <br />Shannon Holmes Susick <br />( 408)316-9559