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q s <br />TM x <br />INSTITUTE _for LOCAL <br />SF,I.F (;OVF.RNMIiNT <br />Asour urn lxsururE ron LocLl Snlr GovnnxunNr <br />This publication is a special project of the Institute for Local Self Government, which is the nonprofit <br />research arm of the League of Califomia Cities. The Institute was founded in 1955 as an educational <br />organization to promote and strengthen the processes of local self government. The Institute's mission is to <br />serye as a source of independent research and information that supports and improves the development of <br />public policy on behalf of Califomia's communities and cities. <br />The Institute's work is concentrated in three areas <br />o Land Use <br />o Fiscal Issues <br />o Public Confidence in Local Govemment <br />For more infonrntion about the Institute and its programs, please visit the Institute's website at <br />www.ilse.ore. <br />Anour THE COMMUNITY LAXN USB PNO.TNCT <br />The Institute's work in the land use area is known as the Community Land Use Project. The goal of this <br />effort is to assist local agencies in finding solutions to land and resource issues that appropriately balance <br />private and public interests in community and property. The project focuses primarily on an area of the law <br />known as "regulatory takings," but the project also addresses other issues that pose significant challenges <br />for public agencies. <br />The Community Land Use Project is developing a number of resources-such as this publication-that are <br />designed to help local officials implement their land use proglams. The project is grateful for the generous <br />support of the David and Lucile Packard Foundation and the League of California Cities.