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PAGE 2 OF 9 <br />SUBJECT: DISCUSS THE DYNAMICS OF THE SUMMER OF 2018 CUT THROUGH TRAFFIC <br />AND DIRECT STAFF TO CONTINUE THE CURRENT EFFORTS <br />AUGUST 1, 2018 <br /> <br />S:\COUNCIL REPORTS\2018\08-07-18 Commission Interviews and Closed Session\Cut-Through Traffic\11 Staff Report FINAL.docx <br /> 8/2/2018 4:18 PM MM <br /> <br /> <br />BACKGROUND (cont’d): <br /> <br />expected in the next thirty days. Once Caltrans has provided this guidance, the Town can more <br />definitively scope the project and timeline. If the project moves forward, the Town will need to <br />identify funding for design and construction. Staff anticipates a timeline of 18 to 24 months <br />once funding is in place. <br /> <br />Pilot Reclassification of Town Streets – The mapping companies have been provided a list of <br />Town streets to reclassify from residential collector to residential per previous Council <br />direction. Waze acknowledged and made adjustments, Apple acknowledged receipt of the <br />information, and Google acknowledged receipt. Based on observations of mapping <br />applications, it appears that Google has not implemented the updates as Google maps <br />continues to direct traffic to the neighborhood streets. <br /> <br />Highway 17 Efficiencies – Due to the lawsuit associated with Measure B funding, no further <br />effort has been made on this item. <br /> <br />Downtown One-Way Streets – The Council has funded the study for this project within the <br />Capital Improvement Program and staff will begin that work this year. <br /> <br />Legislation – Town staff recently reached out to Senator Beall’s office to explore the <br />opportunity of introducing state legislation to assist with cut through traffic, submitting <br />documentation to begin the discussion on a modification of the California Vehicle Code to allow <br />local jurisdictions to prohibit the directing of traffic onto streets outside of the designed use of <br />those streets per Federal Highway Administration Standards. The Vehicle Code and proposed <br />amendment are provided as Attachment 1. <br /> <br />This report highlights the operational efforts the Town has made during this cut through traffic <br />season in response to observation of traffic patterns, resident concerns through increased <br />communication, and the trial of mitigation measures where they make sense. <br /> <br />DISCUSSION: <br /> <br />Approaching the 2018 cut through traffic season, staff intended to hold off on implementing <br />turn restrictions until several heavy traffic weekends had occurred such that a comparison <br />could be drawn between before and after conditions. Knowing that physical changes were not <br />going to be visible, staff focused on helping residents understand the full breadth of activities. <br /> <br /> <br />