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PAGE 3 OF 12 SUBJECT: 223 MASSOL AVENUE/HS-18-018 AND HS-18-031 JUNE 8, 2018 <br />N:\DEV\PC REPORTS\2018\2018 - Scanned PC Rpts & Exhibits\6-13-18\Item 2 - Staff Report.docx 6/8/2018 10:35 AM <br />application was mailed to surrounding property owners and tenants as required by the Town <br />Code. Objections to the pending approval were received from a neighbor on February 20, 2018 <br />(Exhibit 11). <br />In response to the objections a revised proposal was submitted. The applicant proposes exterior <br />alterations and an addition to the main residence (HS-18-018) and construction of an addition to <br />the detached garage (HS-18-031). <br />At its April 25, 2018 hearing, the HPC approved the proposed projects (Exhibits 4 through 7). The <br />applicant withdrew the Minor Residential Development application for the previously proposed <br />project on May 15, 2018 (Exhibit 12). The current applications are being reviewed by the Planning <br />Commission because the decisions of the HPC have been appealed (Exhibit 8). <br />PROJECT DESCRIPTION: <br />A.Minor Development in an Historic District <br />Approval of a Minor Development in an Historic District application is required for additions to <br />an existing second story of less than 100 square feet that are visible from the street in the <br />immediate neighborhood, and for exterior alterations to a residence within an historic district. <br />Approval of a Minor Development in an Historic District application is also required for <br />additions to residential accessory structures that are visible from the street. <br />B.Location and Surrounding Neighborhood <br />The subject site is located on the west side of Massol Avenue (Exhibit 1). The surrounding <br />properties are one-, two-, and three-story residences, with a mix of architectural styles. <br />C.Zoning Compliance <br />The property is zoned R-1D:LHP, where a single-family residence is permitted. The proposed <br />project is in compliance with parking, setback, height, floor area, and accessory building <br />coverage regulations. <br />DISCUSSION: <br />A.Minor Development in an Historic District Analysis <br />Main Residence (HS-18-018) <br />Application HS-18-018 has a reduced scope compared to the previously proposed project (MR- <br />17-018). Correspondence from the applicant (Exhibit 10) indicates that this revised plan is an