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PAGE 2 OF 12 SUBJECT: 223 MASSOL AVENUE/HS-18-018 AND HS-18-031 JUNE 8, 2018 <br />N:\DEV\PC REPORTS\2018\2018 - Scanned PC Rpts & Exhibits\6-13-18\Item 2 - Staff Report.docx 6/8/2018 10:35 AM <br />Surrounding Area: <br />CEQA: <br />The project is Categorically Exempt pursuant to the adopted Guidelines for the Implementation of <br />the California Environmental Quality Act, Section 15301: Existing Facilities; and Section 15331: <br />Historical Resource Restoration/Rehabilitation. <br />FINDINGS: <br />As required, pursuant to the adopted Guidelines for the Implementation of the California <br />Environmental Quality Act, this project is Categorically Exempt, Section 15301: Existing <br />facilities; and Section 15331: Historical Resource Restoration/Rehabilitation. <br />As required by the Residential Design Guidelines that the project complies with the Residential <br />Design Guidelines. <br />STANDARDS FOR REVIEW: <br />As required by Section 29.80.290 of the Town Code for granting approval of minor historic <br />projects. <br />ACTION: <br />The decision of the Planning Commission is final unless appealed within ten (10) days. <br />BACKGROUND: <br />The subject property is located on the west side of Massol Avenue (Exhibit 1) and is developed <br />with a two-story, single-family residence (with an attic) and a detached garage. The gross lot area <br />is 8,730 square feet with an average slope of 15.5 percent. When adjusted for slope, the net lot <br />area is 6,975 square feet. The immediate neighborhood has one-, two-, and three-story <br />residences. <br />On December 12, 2017, the Historic Preservation Committee (HPC) recommended approval to the <br />Director of Community Development of a Minor Residential Development application (MR-17-018) <br />for a previously proposed project. On February 7, 2018, the Notice of Pending Approval for the <br />Existing Land Use General Plan Land Use Designation Zoning <br />North Residential Medium Density Residential R-M:5-12:LHP <br />South Residential Medium Density Residential R-1D:LHP <br />East Residential Medium Density Residential R-1D:LHP <br />West Residential Low Density Residential R-1:8