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2 of 3 <br /> Resolution 20 18 - June 19 , 2018 <br />WHEREA S, the Town of Los Gatos Municipal Code Section 29.20.75 5 identifies the role <br />of the Town Council, including but not limited to the following: Section 29.20.755 (2) H ear s and <br />determine s Planning Commission recommendations for the adoption or amendment of the <br />general plan or any specific plans and conditional use permits for establishments <br />selling alcoholic beverages for on premises consumption . <br /> <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED: T he Town C ouncil of the Town of Los Gatos <br />suspends a portion of 29.20.755 (2) regarding the assignment of duties to allow the <br />Development Review Committee to approv e certain modifications to existing Conditional U se <br />P ermit s for restaurants for a period of 18 months w ith the following provisions : <br /> <br />1. Restaurants <br />T he Development Review Committee may issue approval of modifications to a n <br />existing C onditional U se P ermit for a restaurant use as defined by Town Code <br />Section 29.10.020 in any commercial zone ; and <br /> <br />2. Locations <br />Restaurants with existing C onditional U se P ermit s may apply for modification of a <br />C onditional U se P ermit within the existing commercial space inclu sive of both indoor <br />and outdoor /patio area s at the same address (new restaurants or restaurants <br />c ombining two or more commercial spaces would require full review by either the <br />Planning Commission or Town Council ); and <br /> <br />3. Development Review Application <br />To apply for the modification, businesses must complete the Development Review <br />a pplication and pay the associ ated fee s adopted within the fee schedule . <br />