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<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />Project Funding <br /> <br />PG&E’s On -Bill Financing (OBF ) program is being considered as the funding source for this project. This <br />Town aims to maximize this funding opportunity, and reserves the right to consider alternative funding <br />mechanisms as approved by the Town . <br /> <br />A CTIONS TO BE P ERFORMED : <br />Syserco will complete a directed Project Development and Design/ E ngineering effort necessary for <br />the development of a contract for an Energy Services Project. <br /> <br />In order for SES to complete the Work, the Town of Los Gatos shall provide Syserco with the following (if <br />not already provided): <br /> 3 -year history of utility bills or a signed form authorizing SYSERCO to act as an Agent for the Town <br />of Los Gatos and receive the data directly from the Utility Provider. <br /> Records of Maintenance and Operational costs and copies of existing Service Contracts for <br />maintenance performed by third -parties. <br /> Reasonable a ccess to facilities and design drawings <br /> <br />The Work is a very collaborative effort . The Work is intended to form the basis of a Final Proposal <br />and contracting documents. Therefore, the Town of Los Gatos shall also : <br /> A ssign a main Point of Contact for the Work : ___Jim Harbin _____________ and provide <br />reasonable access to Key Stakeholders : <br />o Public Works Point of Contact:_____Matt Morley _________________ <br />o Legal Point of Contact:______ Robert Schultz ___________________ <br />o Town Executive Point of Contact:____Laurel Prevetti _____________ <br />o Town Financial Point of Contact: ____Stephen Conway _________ <br /> <br />In accordance with CA GC 4217, a ll reasonable Design, E ngineering and Project Development costs <br />incurred by SYSERCO will be included in the F inal Project Costs and payback calculations, which shall be <br />funded by PG&E OBF program , or other funding program(s), as approved by District. <br /> <br />F EE : <br /> <br />If S yserco is unable to produce a Final Project that meets the above Objectives, then it shall receive no <br />payment for its efforts. <br /> <br />However, if Syserco presents a Final Project that meets the Objectives, and the parties do not execute an <br />Agreement for the implementation of the recommended facility improvement measures within forty -five <br />(45 ) days thereafter, then the Town of L os Gatos agrees to pay Syserco a B reak Fee of $34,750.00 <br /> <br />All associated information related to the Work will become the property of the Town of Los Gatos upon <br />final receipt of payment. <br />