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PAGE 2 OF 3 <br />SUBJECT: APPROVE THE RESPONSE TO THE SANTA CLARA COUNTY CIVIL GRAND JURY <br />REPORTAONA“POLICEA NDATHEAMENT LLYAILL:AIMPROVINGAOUTCOMES”A <br />DATED MAY 4, 2018. <br />JUNE 6, 2018 <br /> <br /> <br />S:\COUNCIL REPORTS \2018 \06 -19 -18 \Grand Jury \Staff Report.FINAL.docx S:\COUNCIL REPORTS \2018 \06 -19 -18 \Grand Jury \Staff <br />Report.FINAL.docx <br />DISCUSSION : <br /> <br />The Los Gatos -Monte Sereno Police Department i s included in the Santa Clara County Civil <br />GrandAJuryAReportAonA“PoliceAandAtheAMentallyAIll.AImprovingAOutcomes”AbecauseAitAisAaAlawA <br />enforcement agency within the County of Santa Clara and a member of the Santa Clara County <br />PoliceAChief’sA ssociation:A As a result of its inclusion in the report, the Police Department is <br />required to respond by letter or electronic transmission to the Civil Grand Jury ’sAFindingsAandA <br />Recommendations within 90 days , pursuant to California Penal Code 933.05. The Police <br />Departm ent may respond to the Report’sA F indings in one of the following ways : <br /> <br /> Agree <br /> Partially Agree <br /> Partially Disagree <br /> Disagree <br /> <br />The Police Department may respond to the Report’sA Recommendations in one of the following <br />ways : <br /> <br /> Has been implemented <br /> Has not been implemented, but will be implemented in the future <br /> Requires further analysis <br /> Will not be implemented <br /> <br />TheACivilAGrandAJuryAReportAonA“PoliceAandAtheAMentallyAIll”AincludedAfourAFindingsAwithA <br />attendant Recommendations. The Police Department is required to respond to two of the <br />Findings with five attendant Recommendations :AA ttachmentA2AcontainsAtheADepartment’sAdraftA <br />responses to the Findings and Recommendations. In summary, the Department agrees with <br />the two Findings and the responses to the Recommendatio nsAincludeA“hasAbeenAimplemented,”A <br />“hasAnotAbeenAimplemented,AbutAwillAbeAimplementedAinAtheAfuture”AwithAaAspecificAtimeframeA <br />given,AandA“requiresAfurtherAanalysis:” <br /> <br />CONCLUSION : <br /> <br />Staff recommends approval of the letter with the detailed response as contained in Attachment <br />2. Once approved by the Town Council , the letter will be transmitted to the Santa Clara County <br />Civil Grand Jury. <br /> <br />FISCAL IMPACT : <br /> <br />There is no fiscal impact for a pproving the 2018 response to the Civil Grand Jury.