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<br />unnecessary destruction of existing healthy trees. Emph asize the use of planter boxes <br />with seasonal flowers to add color and atmosphere to the central business district. <br />Trees and plants shall be approved by the Director of Parks, Forestry and Maintenance <br />Services for the purpose of meeting special criteria, i ncluding climatic conditions, <br />maintenance, year -round versus seasonal color change (blossom, summer foliage, <br />autumn color), special branching effects and other considerations. <br />(4) Considerations relating to site layout. The orientation and location of buil dings and open <br />spaces in relation to the physical characteristics of the site and the character of the <br />neighborhood; and the appearance and harmony of the buildings with adjacent <br />development. <br /> <br />Buildings should strengthen the form and image of the neighborh ood (e.g. downtown, <br />Los Gatos Boulevard, etc.). Buildings should maximize preservation of solar access. In <br />the downtown, mid -block pedestrian arcades linking Santa Cruz Avenue with existing <br />and new parking facilities shall be encouraged, and shall include such crime prevention <br />elements as good sight lines and lighting systems. <br />(5) Considerations relating to drainage. The effect of the site development plan on the <br />adequacy of storm and surface water drainage. <br />(6) Considerations relating to the exterior archi tectural design of buildings and structures. <br />The effect of the height, width, shape and exterior construction and design of buildings <br />and structures as such factors relate to the existing and future character of the <br />neighborhood and purposes of the zone in which they are situated, and the purposes of <br />architecture and site approval. Consistency and compatibility shall be encouraged in <br />scale, massing, materials, color, texture, reflectivity, openings and other details. <br />(7) Considerations relating to lighting and street furniture. Streets, walkways, and building <br />lighting should be designed so as to strengthen and reinforce the image of the Town. <br />Street furniture and equipment, such as lamp standards, traffic signals, fire hydrants, <br />street signs, telephones, mai l boxes, refuse receptacles, bus shelters, drinking fountains, <br />planters, kiosks, flag poles and other elements of the street environment should be <br />designated and selected so as to strengthen and reinforce the Town image. <br />(8) Considerations relating to acce ss for physically disabled persons. The adequacy of the <br />site development plan for providing accessibility and adaptability for physically disabled <br />persons. Any improvements to a nonresidential building where the total valuation of <br />alterations, structural r epairs or additions exceeds a threshold value established by <br />resolution of the Town Council, shall require the building to be modified to meet the <br />accessibility requirements of title 24 of the California Administrative Code adaptability <br />and accessibility. In addition to retail, personal services and health care services are not <br />allowable uses on non -accessible floors in new nonresidential buildings. Any change of <br />use to retail, health care, or personal service on a non -accessible floor in a <br />nonresidential b uilding shall require that floor to be accessible to physically disabled <br />persons pursuant to the accessibility requirements of title 24 of the California <br />Administrative Code and shall not qualify the building for unreasonable hardship <br />exemption from meetin g any of those requirements. This provision does not effect <br />lawful uses in existence prior to the enactment of this chapter. All new residential