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<br />slope contours. These are maximum numbers and may be reduced by the deciding body <br />if the project does not meet other grading standards or is not consistent with the goals <br />and objectives of the Hillside Development Standards and Guidelines. <br />Table 1 <br />Maximum Graded Cuts and Fills <br />Site Element Cut* Fill* <br />House and attached garage 8’** 3’ <br />Accessory Building* 4’ 3’ <br />Tennis Court* 4’ 3’ <br />Pool* 4’*** 3’ <br />Driveways* 4’ 3’ <br />Other (decks, yards)* 4’ 3’ <br />* Combined depths of cut plus fill for development other than the main residence <br />shall be limited to 6 feet. <br />** Excludes cellars. <br />*** Excludes excavation for pool. <br />]:[ <br /> <br />10. Grading shall not occur during the rainy season (October 1 to April 1) unless approved <br />by the Town Engineer. If grading is planned to occur between October 1 and April 1, <br />interim provisions for erosion and sedimentation control shall be in place before grading <br />begins. <br /> <br />C . Driveways and parking . <br />]:[ <br /> <br />Standards: <br />]:] <br /> <br />3. When a gated entrance is provided, the gates shall be set back a minimum of 25 feet <br />from the right -of -way to allow vehicles to pull completely off the roadway while waiting <br />for the gates to open. Gated entrances serving more than one house may be requir ed to <br />have a greater setback. Gates should open away from or parallel to the street. <br />4. Driveways shall have an all weather surface in compliance with Fire Department weight <br />loading requirements (40,000 pounds). <br />5. The maximum slope of a driveway shall not exceed 15 percent unless it can be <br />demonstrated that a flatter driveway cannot be constructed without excessive grading <br />(more than 4 feet of cut or 3 feet of fill). Driveway slopes in excess of 15 percent require <br />approval by the Town Engineer and Santa Cla ra County Fire Department. <br /> <br />CHAPTER IV . DEVELOPMENT INTENSITY <br /> <br />A . Maximum Allowable Development