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PAGE 2 OF 2 <br />SUBJECT: POTENTIAL AMENDMENTS TO THE TOWN’S OBJECTIVE STANDARDS <br />JUNE 12 , 2018 <br /> <br /> <br />S:\COUNCIL REPORTS \2018 \06 -19 -18 \Objective Standards \Staff Report.FINAL.docx 6/13/2018 4:21 PM <br />DISCUSSION (Continu ed): <br /> <br />StaffAlooksAforwardAtoAreceivingAdirectionAonApotentialAamendmentsAtoAtheATown’sAobjectiveA <br />standards:AA PotentialAamendmentsAforATownACouncilA considerationA include,AbutAareAnotAlimitedA <br />to. <br /> <br /> Amend ing the G eneral Plan and Zoning Code density and/or building intensity standards <br />(i.e. height, setbacks, lot coverage, FAR, etc.) that can be applied on a parcel -by -parcel <br />basis in an easy and predictable manner; <br /> A dopt ing “objective,Aidentified , writtenApublicAhealthAorAsafetyAstandards”Aap plicable to <br />ne w housing development projects; <br /> Adopt ing design rev iew standards that are based on objective general plan an d zoning <br />standards and criteria; <br /> Downzoning properties; <br /> Establish objective standards for views, shadows, privacy, open space, and ot her <br />impacts that often underlie objections to development projects; and <br /> Other Town Council suggestions. <br /> <br />CONCLUSION : <br /> <br />This meeting will provide an opportunity for the public and the Town Council to provide <br />direction regarding additional objective standar ds and potential amendments to existing <br />objective standards. BasedAonATownACouncil’sAdirection,AstaffAwillAprepareAdraftAamendmentsA <br />that would then be considered by the General Plan Committee (where applicable), Planning <br />Commission, and Town Council. <br /> <br />Attachment s : <br />1. Town of Los Gatos General Plan Objective Standards <br />2. Town of Los Gatos Zoning Code Objective Standards <br />3. Residential Design Guidelines Objective Standards <br />4. Hillside Development Standards and Guidelines Objective Standards <br />5. Architecture and Site Con siderations <br />6. Subdivision Findings