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2 | Scope of Work Mintier Harnish – Los Gatos General Plan Update <br />As described in Task H.3, the Consultants will also present select ed geographic data online using ESRI ArcGIS <br />Online and/or ESRI Story Map. <br />Task A.3 Existing Data Collection and Compilation <br />Knowledge of existing conditions within the Town of Los Gatos will give the Consultants, and the community, <br />a more thorough understanding of how the Town can move forward and what has changed since the last <br />General Plan was prepared. At the beginning of the Update process, and prior to initiation of public <br />engagement, the Consultants will compile (including native format files whenever possible ) the following: <br />Applicable plans, studies, and analysis documents that currently exist within the various departments in the <br />Town of Los Gatos that pertain to the General Plan. Documents may include, but are not limited to: <br /> General Plan <br /> Specific Plans <br /> Hazard mitigation plan <br /> Parks, open space, trails and recreation plans <br /> Municipal Code <br /> Any other pertinent information, documents, plans, and other items identified by Town Staff <br /> Applicable plans, studies, and analysis documents concerning Infrastructure and utilities <br /> Geographic information system (GIS) data <br /> Transportation plans <br />Pertinent information that is contained in these documents will be reviewed and used by the Consultants to <br />develop the Existing Conditions Background Report (see Task B) that will be provided with the General Plan <br />Update. <br />The Consultants will use and rely upon these existing resources to develop the General Plan and EIR <br />information. The scope of work and budget are based on the availability and use of secondary data and the <br />developmen t of planning level qualitative assessments that are typical for a general plan update. This <br />information will be supplemented with data collected by our team as described in Task B, Existing Conditions <br />Background Report <br />GPAC Meeting #1 will be held during this task to facilitate data identification and collection (see Task H.5 ). <br />Engagement Activities During Task A: <br /> Task H.1: Community Engagement Strategy <br /> Task H.2: Branding and Project Logo <br /> Task H.3: Set Up Online Engagement <br /> Task H.4: Newsletter #1, General Plan Update Overview <br /> Task H -5 : GPAC #1 <br /> Task H -7: Community Workshop #1, Project Initiation <br /> Task H.8: Joint Study Session #1, Introduction to the General Plan Update <br />